Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knock, Knock? Who's there? Brisingr!

My copy of Brisinger came knocking at my door the other day. It came out September 20 and I have to wait a while because Amazon has to mail it to me. So there were five days that left me longing specially when i pass by the bookstore at the mall and see them calling on me and saying ... "I'm here.. I know you want me... I know you need me... come get me..." Oh! Sheer torture! hehe

But it's here now... my new baby. I took some picture before I ruin it from reading. Can you see how handsome the dragon is? I still don't know who this dragon is but he (yes, i'm pretty sure or I wanna believe it's a HE! Indulge me for now...hehe) sure looks powerful and wise.

I am just starting to read. If I could just take a leave of absence from work just to read this. I am just so tired after work these days. I don't know when will my boss see that I need more resource so I can have a life. Maybe he needs more sleeping Ems at meetings...hehe.

Let's go back to my current obsession. This handsome dragon looks so cool on any background! I can't decide which one I like best.

K.. enough playing around. I should go and read to know about this Dragon.

I know what you're thinking Share! I know you read this book already and you're probably raring to tell me who this handsome dragon is but hold your horses! I waited five days for this book, I can definitely wait some more to get acquainted to it in a first hand basis.

*rubbing hands together* come here now Bisingr... we're going to bed! Let's get acquainted! ;)


the donG said...

hahaha... looks like you're really referring to a person.

never had the chance to read this book.

Share my point of view... said...

"Handsome dragon"



Enjoy reading! Brisingr is basically the book that you'll either enjoy or hate reading. So, I'll reserve my judgment till I hear yours!

Till then,
May Your Swords Stay Sharp.

EM said...

it's my imagination in high gear Dong!

It's actually the third of a series of Christopher Paulini's series. The First was Eragon which was made a movie. The second is Eldest and this the third. I hope you've seen the movie. It's quite interesting.

EM said...

Hehee share... i got nervous on your comment. You're making me uneasy and anxious ... "what is it??" "what happened??" Ugh!

Don't tell... hehe ;)

the donG said...

hahaha... oo nga. ano pang ibang books na binabasa mo?

EM said...

Hehe... binisto ako ni Dong! Kasi naman daming magagandang libro ngayon. I'm also reading "The witch of Portabello" by Paulo Coelho and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creative Writing" by Rozakies. Kung alin lang mauna...hehe. Dapat nga di pinagsasabay sabay eh... pero bahala na ga...

Jules said...

*In Manaoag, Pangasinan*

The dragon that I'm familiar with is Jackie Paper's friend, Puff, the Magic Dragon.

Plus the reluctant one by Kenneth Grahame.

Enjoy your book, Em

Senor Enrique said...

Wow! Looks like a good read.

I bought a few books also during the Manila International Book Fair.

Happy reading :)

The Idiot's Guide to Creative Writing seems intriguing.

EM said...

Uy bago yung reluctant dragon na yun Jeleste. I've heard about puff but the reluctant dragon is completely new.

another adventure to the fantasy world for me. My other sweet escape.

thanks Juleste!

EM said...

Hi Senior! Have you read any of those books you bought? Are they worth recommending?

Yup! I'm just starting to read the idiot's guide to creative writing and it looks helpful. I hope it can help me improve my writing skills.

thanks for dropping by senior!

Anonymous said...

The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame is a classic children's tale first published in 1938. Its about a boy who finds a harmless and kind dragon in a cave. The dragon, a happy Bohemian, enjoys sunset, reads poetry and once in a while corrects the boy's agreement of subject and verb.

The book's main plot is convincing the frightened villagers and especially St. George, the dragon slayer, that there is no cause for concern.

My copy was printed in 1966 and its first three pages were full of pencil scribbles perhaps by someone who fantasized to be a dragon. You can find a digital copy here:

Lawstude said...

you know what? after the exhausting bar exams, di na ko nakapagbasa ng entire novel. mukhang na-trauma na ko sa kapal ng mga law books ko eh, but then again nothing beats a really good book lalo na kung binabasa mo yun sa beach or sa garden.

have a nice day em.