Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First in Canadian History....

Tis they sent to me....
My first in Canadian history -
It said read carefully...
and bring to the poll a proof of identity.

Identity I have of course
although sometimes I ask myself..
but that is not my distress...
My apprehension and dread....

I will go to the poll bright and early
with radiant hope and reverie
but alas! My pen stopped suddenly
Who will I vote? Who will it be?

I think they forgot to put in the card...
"When you vote, you MUST
know your nominee's name!"
I admit it!! It's exciting to be able to vote and really feel I belong in this country. It's my first time and I'm quite excited! My excitement is quite obvious as you can see on my poem. But! I don't have the slightest idea of who i will be voting for. Politics is like a monotonous movement of the windmills for me. It completely bores me and can put me to sleep anytime. I can tell the names of the leaders and dragons in the book i'm reading and their character and leadership styles but ask me the differences between these governments politicians running in the federal elections and I'll give you a blank stare.
Okay... I may know the names of the officials but other than that... I'm completely and utterly clueless!!
Aha! I know what I need! A voting buddy!!! Someone who can explain to me the vested interests of these candidates. Someone who will convince me why I should vote for which aspirant. I've got to find that person in ...hmmm... 14 days!

Ugh! I'm completely hopeless!


Lawstude said...

that is a huge step. you are now indeed a full fledged citizen because of you are now enjoying the right of suffrage. congratulations.

EM said...

I almost fainted at the word suffrage Lawstude! It seemed like i now have the right to suffer ... and suffer I will! hehe But then you said i would enjoy it... so i guess it's just a light suffering. I'm just joking around. It's a huge responsibility voting... now i am to blame for whatever the government is failing to do.

But thank you very much! I still have to learn more about Canadian Government.

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

a week or two ago i was on my way to school when i heard over the fm radio about the upcoming canadian elections.

naisip ko lang, aba at nakarating pa dito ang balita.

mala-pyesta kaya ang election sa canada tulad sa pilipinas? abangan sa susunod na blog ni em :)

EM said...

You will be surprised!! at alam na alam ni Juleste na ibloblog ko ang lahat! hehe

Share my point of view... said...

Congrats! Now you truly are a fully-fledged citizen with the rights to determine the country's future.

Choose wise! You're now a vital part of Canada...good luck finding the voting buddy.

the donG said...

good luck em. it's good to know that you are quite a responsible voter in the sense that you really wanted to know them first and why you'll be voting for them.