Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen.... meet Queen Victoria!

Introducing Queen Victoria!

Wearing a white gown accented with gold trimmings, Queen Victoria radiates the purity of the sun and the elegance of the clouds.

In a traditionally full skirted gown reaching the ankles, it is made of a luxurious fabric and laces of which are delicately and exotically trimmed.

The back is bare with a single flower lace delicately placed at the lower back creating a focal point. Queen Victoria is a sight akin to a royal bride and a winter Goddess.

To truly appreciate Queen Victoria's transformation, view her before picture by enlarging the next picture.


Judges...please rate Queen Victoria's gown.


Lawstude said...

you are very creative. thanks for sharing.

i hope to see you in one of these dresses someday.

Share my point of view... said...


;) She's lovely! I'm sure you'll have even more of this beauty to show us!

Anonymous said...

*lesser royals and mere mortals doing a royal bow*


From Queen Victoria's Diary - June 22, 1897

"Before leaving I touched an electric button, by which I started a message which was telegraphed throughout the whole Empire. It was the following: "From my heart I thank my beloved people, May God bless them!" At this time the sun burst out..."


I wonder if Queen Elizabeth I will arrive the way she did in 'Shakespeare in Love' haha


The designing team deserves a royal recognition for doing such an awesome presentation :-)

pwede bang magpagawa ng gown?

EM said...

hehe Thanks Lawstude! I almost choked when you said that I should wear one like it. hehe.. in my dreams perhaps??

and besides... those glue guns will surely hurt!!

EM said...

You bet share!! I have quite a few so keep visiting. I hope i can provide refreshments for every visit of the judges but I have no idea how. Tea and biscuits would be great.

wil see you again!

EM said...

Wow Juleste! you know what?? my biggest work on this project is the write up for the introductions. It would take me at least an hour to come up with clever wordings good enough to describe each gown. And my goodness!! it's not easy. Maybe you can help me eh?

Anonymous said...

a little info about the royals might help. we can even learn about their fashion sense through the 'net.

check this out:

the donG said...

hahaha... it looks and sounds like it's real. nice job!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

very nice... very artistic... :)
Could I dream wearing some of those? :)

EM said...

Thanks for the link Juleste... i'm going to take a look right now.

EM said...

Thanks Dong! It's just the start... get a seat and be comfy.. you're in for a show.

EM said...

Hi Grace!

Of course you can dream. It was created mainly because of a dream.

We can all be princesses and Queens in our dream. And we'll have royal balls and dance the walts the whole night.

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