Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Different CNE Experience

Through the years I have developed certain anticipation to our yearly trek to the CNE. CNE, by the way is Canadian National Exhibition. A yearly end of summer fair held at the Ontario Place. It’s the last douse of summer fun before the school starts. Like i said, it just calls on me every time. This year is very special. Why? I get to share it with some very dear friends. My barkada from university days came to visit me all the way from New Jersey and also from Hamilton. It’s been how many years since we all last saw each other? It was like 20 years already! Now we have our own families and it was so nice to see and hug each other again. There were too many to say and too many to catch up on. We’re just happy to be so close to each other again. I hope we could do this many times.

The CNE itself is the same as ever but this time it was made extra special by friends who proves that “ the house to a friend is never long” . I thank God for the opportunity to feel once again the warmth of a friends embrace.