Friday, September 28, 2007

Mga munti kong angel
Handog ng langit
Sa aking abang buhay
Na tunay na pinagpala

Una si Kuya
Makisig at masaya
Si bunso ang sumunod
Animoy manika.

Tanging kasiyahan
Ang sila ay pagmasdan
Sa kanilang paglaki
na nagmamahalan

Dalangin ko sa Diyos
Na sila ay pagpalain
Maging malapit
sa puso at damdamin

Pagtutulungan sa panahon ng hirap
Matutong magpasalamat sa panahon ng sarap
Naway si Kuya maging maalaga sa kapatid na bata
At si bunso naman sana sa Kuya laging maniwala.

Sa aking pagpanaw
Sa mundong ibabaw
Kayong dalawa aking pamana
Sa sangkatauhan na may tangan na pag asa

Children of Hurin - Oh My … Such Ending!!

If anybody would see my face after reading the book ‘Children of Hurin’ by JRR Tolkien, they would say I looked like a child whose candy was taken away. I was not smiling, really. Rather, I was pouting. It’s not that the story itself is bad; it’s the emotion that the story has left me when it ends. It’s not really what I’m expecting and not a clue was said in the reviews! I was cheated out of my own fault…hehe. Such tragedy!!!

The book itself is brilliantly written. The setting was well introduced. I just hoped that the map was placed in front and not at the back. It took me intense headache visualizing in my mind the places and geographies that was described therein. Only to find out in the end that there is a map that I can refer to. I was tricked again. As much as possible whenever I read any book, I do not go checking the last pages. I do not want to stumble into the ending and be temped and ruin the whole experience. There was purpose of having the map at the back and I realized that. It should’ve been mentioned in the beginning that there is a map folded at the back of the book. Or perhaps the English is so deep, I completely wheezed through it.

The language is also something to get used to. The names are not only hard to read but at the same time it’s always changing and remembering is difficult.

So I started my saga to the unknown… weed through the pages of battles, of journeys to distant places (on foot and horse!), of encounters of men, elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and creatures unknown. I’ve seen the strength of curses, of black magic.

This story tells of Hurin, a man, his allegiance to the Elves. It tells of his battle with the Evil Morgoth and his Army. It’s about his capture and the curse that Morgoth has set to his family. Truly, in this story, evil has triumphed.

Thus, my only lament…

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aren’t they supposed to be bouncing?

We were in a cousin’s party last Saturday. I took this picture because it just caught my attention. Something is definitely not right here. Aren’t the children in the Bounce thingy supposed to be bouncing? Did they really grasp the concept of that huge toy? Hmmm….maybe they are tired. Maybe they are taking rest. Nah….they are into something. What could it be?

Ugh!! This is indeed a conundrum! When I went nearer to investigate, I was not shock of what I saw. They have been distracted by another toy. It’s a toy within a toy. The children are concentrating on a game in Nintendo DS inside the bouncing castle. It is quite ironic really. But then it is expected to happen. Is it something to worry about? Nope, soon enough they will get tired of the small toy and get on to bouncing again!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Obsessions...

In my quest to find another book to read, i came across very good reviews about two books. They are written by the renowed author of 'The Lord of the Rings', J.R.R. Tolkien. I haven't read the Lord of the Rings books but I've seen all the film over and over. Because of the 5 star reviews, I am convinced that it's worth a try. I have such high hopes of having such a grand time reading, I hope I would not be disappointed.

So off to and ordered the books "The Children of Hurin" and "The Silmarillion", both by J.R.R. Tolkien. After three days, they are knocking on my door (figuratively speaking). I preferred getting books in because they offer cheaper prices and they are delivered free. The book 'Children of Hurin' costs $35, I got it $17 from Amazon. I need my order to be over $35 to avail of the free shipping, so I had the other book 'Silarillion' for $22 (regular price $35). It's really a good deal.
Ahhh... the smell of fresh books. I just love it!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Ako'y may Alaga ( I Have a Pet)

Ako'y may alaga
Asong mataba
Buntot ay mahaba
Makinis ang mukha
Mahal nya ko
Mahal kodin sya
Kaya kaming dalawa
Laging magkasama

This is our dog Buddy. Of what breed? I was told Corgie Welsh, but it looks like a Terrier to me. Anyway, he's a sweet 4 year old dog. He was given away by the previous owner because her children developed an alergy to the dog.

He likes his squeeky bony bone toy. He has developed a way of tossing it away and running after it. He likes Mommy's food too!! I know he shouldn't be eating anything except dog food, but he would beg and beg and beg. He barks alot though and Kuya is particularly annoyed by his non-stop barking at other dogs. He is very good with cats... he seemed to adore them. I should post some pics of him with my aunts cat sometime. Ching (daughter) tries to teach him some tricks but he just wants the treat.

Some dog!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sino Ito?? (Who is this?)

Sino ito?
Di ko tanda
munting mukha
parang manika

ikaw ba si nena?
O si Pedra kaya?
Ay naku! Baka si Kulasa
Na Bikolana

Pero hindi!
Munti kong angel
Hulog ng langit
Walang kawangis

Ikaw nga si Luisa
Bunso kong tangi
Himbing ng tulog
Sa yakap ko at awit