Friday, September 28, 2007

Children of Hurin - Oh My … Such Ending!!

If anybody would see my face after reading the book ‘Children of Hurin’ by JRR Tolkien, they would say I looked like a child whose candy was taken away. I was not smiling, really. Rather, I was pouting. It’s not that the story itself is bad; it’s the emotion that the story has left me when it ends. It’s not really what I’m expecting and not a clue was said in the reviews! I was cheated out of my own fault…hehe. Such tragedy!!!

The book itself is brilliantly written. The setting was well introduced. I just hoped that the map was placed in front and not at the back. It took me intense headache visualizing in my mind the places and geographies that was described therein. Only to find out in the end that there is a map that I can refer to. I was tricked again. As much as possible whenever I read any book, I do not go checking the last pages. I do not want to stumble into the ending and be temped and ruin the whole experience. There was purpose of having the map at the back and I realized that. It should’ve been mentioned in the beginning that there is a map folded at the back of the book. Or perhaps the English is so deep, I completely wheezed through it.

The language is also something to get used to. The names are not only hard to read but at the same time it’s always changing and remembering is difficult.

So I started my saga to the unknown… weed through the pages of battles, of journeys to distant places (on foot and horse!), of encounters of men, elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons and creatures unknown. I’ve seen the strength of curses, of black magic.

This story tells of Hurin, a man, his allegiance to the Elves. It tells of his battle with the Evil Morgoth and his Army. It’s about his capture and the curse that Morgoth has set to his family. Truly, in this story, evil has triumphed.

Thus, my only lament…