Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween Turning Point....

I think we have reached a turning point.

The definition of a turning point according to google is, "an action point that is a reaction to an obstacle in the way of a protagonist’s objective; turning points raise the stakes, move the action in a different direction or to a different playing area, and force the protagonist to take a new or different tack."

Hmmmm.... indeed, Halloween of 2008 is a turning point. My youngest has shifted from trick or treating to Halloween parties. She has surrendered the sack full of candies and goodies and instead immersed herself to the new path that was opened to her. Grade 7 and grade 8s were allowed to attend the Halloween party at school. Being in grade 7, it was her and her classmates first time to go. She had her costume and camera to school and embraced the new freedom.

She got home all tired and sleepy... and was quite ready to miss the traditional evening trick or treating stroll this year.

*sigh* I was hoping to get sugar high tonight...
The pictures I used in this post were taken by my daughter during their school halloween dance party.
I dear say... they are almost as sweet as the candies and chocolates... almost....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to a friend

Today is a special day for it's my friends birthday. Last year, she woke up with this song greeting her. She thought then that it's not a coincidence that brought the song to her for it made her stop and think. This was what she thought then when she heard the song "Hmm... my predicatment exactly. Is this a message for me? I wonder if I get an early opportunity to be closer to my family..." . Since she got the opportunity to work in Manila, she has long to be with her family in Bohol.

It's her birthday again... and this time I guess it is very different. The premonition of last years birthday has come true. She is now re-assigned to Bohol and is now enjoying all her time with her family.

Now, this is my song to you. And like the song says... " It would be so fine to see your face at my door, Doesn't help to know you're just time away". I miss all our happenings.

I hope you opened your eyes this morning with a new song and a new realization. A realization that It's a wonderful world... and it's yours to take.

love always....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wii Music -- finally! A game I understand!

I may not play it myself but surely I can enjoy watching my kids play it. This new wii game that they are playing is simply awesome! It is called wii Music. They can choose an instrument to play from a wide variety of choices from percussion, string, and wind instruments. After choosing an instrument, they can choose a song to play. They can replay their game and if they like it, they can make a video out of it and save it for playback anytime.

The video below is my favorite of the many they played. My son has chosen Saxophone and my daughter has chosen steel drum to play. At the end of the video, I inserted a short clip of them playing.

Wasn't that better to watch than those fighting and shooting games?? This game is surely mommy friendly. The next video is my son's rock rendition of the song Do Re Mi. It's quite nice ... see if you agree.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kaklase ko si Jim Carrey..... NOT!

Ganitong ganito ang kanyang mga ngiti... hanggang ngayon akoy nakikilig..ehehe

Nakita ko si Jim Carrey nakaraang Martes.
Pero ang pangalan nya according sa kanyang nameplate ay Paul.
Kaklase ko sya sa isang training na ginanap sa facility namin sa Burlington.
Nakaupo sya sa malapit sa harapan at diretsong opposite ng kinalalagyan ko.

Sa ganyang arrangement, hindi mahirap na mahagip sya ng paningin ko sa tuwing titingnan ko ang aming guro o ang malaking projection board.
Talaga naman na nakakaaliw dahil sa striking similarity nila ng tunay na Jim Carrey.

Parang sya ang nakakabatang kapatid ng tunay na Jim Carrey.
And kanyang taas at balinkinitang pangangatawan,
Ang hugis ng kanyang mukha, ang kanyang mga mata
At higit sa lahat ang kanyang bukod tanging ngiti.
Ngiti ng tunay na Jim Carey sa maniwala ka at hindi.

Sa tuwing daraan ang paningin ko sa kanya, parang may magnet na magpapako ng aking tanaw … ulit ulit na namamamngha sa lapit ng kanilang mga mukha.
At mula sa wala, napapangiti ng bigla.
Hindi maitago aking pagka aliw at pagkamangha
Umaasang isang sandali na sya ay magpatawa.

Sa aking isip at imahinasyon… sya nga ang tunay na JimCarrey
Sa kanyang normal na buhay na empleyado at estudyante.
Pero kahit na gayon, kahit gaano na kapormal
Nakakatuwa and nakakatawa parin.

Siguro napansin nya mga ngiti kong puno ng mangha
Subalit kahit minsan hindi nya pinunlakan
Ang aking mga lihim na hiling
“Magpatawa ka naman, kahit man lang kaunti.”
Isang ngiwi ng labi habang naduling ang mga mata
Mga contorted na mukha ng comedian na si Jim Carrey

Pero sa huling sandali
Nang ang lahat ay patapos na…
Bola ng comments inumpisahang ipasa
Nagulat na bigla ang lingkod nyong tulala
Bola na hawak ni Jim Carrey
Binato sa akin … ako ang pinili

Baka naman nagkataon lang..
Baka naasar sa kakangisi ko…
Pero tuwa naman ako
Dahil napansin din kahit paano

Maganda pala kaklase si Jim Carrey
Di ka maaantok at di mabubwisit
Pero wish kolang na sa susunod
Na makadungpalad na maging magkaklase kami ulit
Na paunlakan nya aking mga nasa….

Ganito man lang sana…
Palihim at pansamantala…
Awesome talaga
Papa autograph na!

To my friends who cannot understand a word I wrote on this post... I apologize.
I'm on one of those tagalog moods.
I promise to make it up on other posts.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Colors of Fall- The last Show

Before the last leaf falls to the ground
Before the first snow flurry touch the soil
Before all the colors has gone to sleep
And pure white overcomes us all

Let’s capture the last show
That nature has to stage
A kaleidoscope of colors
A cabaret of hues and shades

The show of all shows
Magnificent, grand and free
To entertain the eyes
Fill the mind of what they used to be

Until they bow and withdraw
Behind the white curtain they will stay
Until spring comes again
When they wake up and play

And begin a colourful show
All over again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Emo Time....

"Pag may mahal ka at ayaw sayo, hayaan mo. Malay mo sa mga susunod na araw ayaw mo na din sa kanya, naunahan ka lang."

(When you love someone and he/she doesn't like you, let him/her be. You'll never know, in the coming days you will find yourself not liking him/her too, he/she just beat you to it).

"Hiwalayan na kung di ka na masaya. Walang gamot sa tanga kundi pagkukusa."
(If your not happy anymore, leave. There's no medecine to stupidity but self initiative.)

"Pag hindi ka mahal ng mahal mo wag ka magreklamo. Kasi may mga tao rin na di mo mahal pero mahal ka. Kaya quits lang."

(If someone you love does not love you, don't complain. Because there were people that you don't love but loves you. Its only quits.) Hehe... i admit i suck in translating tagalog to english.

"Hindi lungkot o takot ang mahirap sa pag-iisa kundi ang pagtanggap na sa bilyon-bilyong tao sa mundo, wala man lang nakipaglaban upang makasama ka."

(It’s not sadness or fear that is difficult in being alone but the acceptance that out of all the billion people in the world, not a single one fought to be with you.)
Mga quotes mula kay Bobby Ong. Nag snow kasi kanina... medyo nakakalungkot. Malamig na naman... makulimlim nanaman ang mga araw at mahaba ang gabi. Sabi ko... EMO time again....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bisingr by Christopher Paolini

"Atra gulia un ilian tauthr ono un atran ono waise skoliro fra rauthr."

(Ancient Language that translate to --- “May luck and happiness follow you and may you be shielded from misfortune”)

Isn’t the ancient language cool?? I just finished reading Bisingr, the third book in a series by Christopher Paolini. If the title does not ring a bell, then I might as well mention the first book which was made into a movie recently... or not so recently. The first book was entitled Eragon. I first saw the movie before I read the book. The book cover displays a blue dragon and by the time one finishes the book, it would be obvious that the dragon is Saphira, the blue dragon of Eragon. The first book tells about how Eragon and Saphira met.

Then the second book was the Eldest. The cover is a red dragon. A new dragon hatched on the dark side. This book is about Eragons training with another rider and his dragon. It described the Elves kingdom. I am specially drawn to the elves way of life in the forest. In this book also that Eragons cousin Roran begin his saga to fame and valor. What’s with the title? The Eldest pertains to the oldest living dragon rider and his dragon.

And then the third book... Bisingr. After a year of waiting, it came out last September 20. The cover is a golden Dragon. A very handsome golden dragon. I remember a golden dragon from the second book. His name is Glaedr. He is the golden dragon of the elf rider Oromis. He and Oromis have trained Eragon and Saphira.

Hmmm.... what do I expect of the third book in the first place? I expected that Eragon and Saphira will finally destroy Murtag and Galbatorix. I expected him to recover his sword Zar’ roc from Murtag. But as most good stories goes... the third book has managed to weave its way around my expectations. Nonetheless, the story has disclosed a lot of revelations. Revelations that made everything clear to Eragon. Eragon was not able to face Galbatorix but was able to fend Murtag and Thorn away from the Varden. Eragon were not able to get back his lost sword but was able to get one for himself. The rest of the story I leave for everyone to read. What’s with the title? Bisingr is the ancient language term for Fire. It is also a name bestowed to a sword.
I should say that I was saddened by this book. I did not expect something like that to happen. But I leave it at that.

The story will continue and conclude in Book Four. Suspense, Suspense! Hopefully in the fourth book, everything will come into place.

From the ancient language..... “Eka elrun ono.” (I thank you).

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Proudest Mommy....

October 16, 2008 - the Honor Roll awards night at my son's school. I sat very proud and all smiles while I waited for the program to start. I was surprised by a school letter handed to me by my son last week. It was an invitation to attend this very important night. The school is awarding all students that was able to get in the honor roll last year. And... my son is one of them. This is what I've been waiting for... for my son's turn to feel the return of his academic endeavors. All parents were so proud... and the atmosphere is an air of a bright hope for the future. Truly a celebration.

My son... you made mommy so proud! You can ask anything! Anything at all...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It is Done.... it is cast!

A special day indeed
to exercise my right
and my say in government
my hope and my plight

This is my assigned voting place
X marks the spot for sure
a hundred steps from home
a thousand step to a new future

Hmmm... this is new! This is queer!!

This is not what I was used to back home..

No people around, no one to hand out little leaflets

It almost scared me but lets see some more !

No armed guards, no intimidating bullies

I went directly to my polling booth.

Gave my card and proved my identity

And in a covered desk i did my truth.

No computers, no high tech gadgets

Just a list, a ballot box and a covered desk for privacy

No lobbying, no leaflets and endless chaos

Just a stream of people, exercising their right and duty.

This is my piece of mind and my piece of hope

My first in Canadian history

May they be heeded, may they be heard

May they be an intrument of unity and harmony.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Today I Thank Thee

Today we gather round this bounty
To celebrate our gratefulness
For the blessings of plenty
For deeds of compassion and kindness

We thank our Lord
We thank our family
We thank our friends
We thank everybody

I say thank you Lord
For the blessings of each day
For the gift of life
And the guidance along our way

I say thank you to my family
For their love and support
I may lose everything I own
But their love will never fall short

I say thank you my friends
For making life complete
For caring and encouraging
Making life sweet

I thank everybody
For we live in harmony
We take challenges together
And make earth a better place.



Friday, October 10, 2008

Another Team Building Event - Hockey Tournament (with a twang!)!

It's that time of year again when the company gets their employees butt out of their chairs and engage in some kind of team building event. Last year was a pot luck. This year, the management opted for another pot luck but added another activity. They have set up a street hockey tournament before holding the pot luck lunch. Teams of 4 individuals volunteered. There was female and male competition. Your's truly who has no experience or even knowledge of the game was asked to join a team. Much to my reluctance, I gave in but only after warning my team mates that if I join, there will be a possibility that I will embarass myself.

10 minutes before each game, HR calls in the team in her office. We were surprised to know that embarassment is included in the game! My goodness... the team playing were asked to wear funny accessories while playing. See the following pictures as a testament to the mortification that we were subjected in, in the spirit of fun of course!

The first womens team to play was asked to wear oversized underwears on top of their pants. Some were asked to wear a clowns hair. hehe

The male teams were asked to wear oversized bras. LOL! some wore blue wigs and pumpkin hats. We had a blast watching them play!

The champions!

After the tiring game... we feast on favorite food brought by everybody. I brought my famous cassava cake. It's my first time to taste a bit of deer meat brought by a colleague cooked as grilled steak.

Although I almost died on our first game... I managed to play the game with the least injury to myself and others. Our team finished 2nd place though.

For whatever torture the game and the garb put us through, the food has compensated. It was fun day indeed.... until the next day when we cannot move a single muscle without pain searing our consciousnes. :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wonderful World of Share

My first concept of Share's birthday gift. I tried adding titles and I think I did not fare so well. When it was finished and I watched it over and over. Still, there is something missing and somehow I was not so satisfied. Which in the end led me to my second photostory, the sweet escape. Just the same, I still want Share to have this.

This is to remind her that she lives in a wonderful world and her pictures shows it. That the world although sometimes pickle is a place full of wonder and love. May she choose to see the world with open heart and may love abound around her.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Share!

This photostory is a compilation of what makes Share happy. We all have our own sweet escape and these are hers. During the making of this gift, I learned more about her. What makes her laugh, her fears, her dreams. This knowledge made me understand her as she is and it is beautiful.

To you Share... I wish the best. May you find peace within you and around you, today and always.

Keep smiling!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First in Canadian History....

Tis they sent to me....
My first in Canadian history -
It said read carefully...
and bring to the poll a proof of identity.

Identity I have of course
although sometimes I ask myself..
but that is not my distress...
My apprehension and dread....

I will go to the poll bright and early
with radiant hope and reverie
but alas! My pen stopped suddenly
Who will I vote? Who will it be?

I think they forgot to put in the card...
"When you vote, you MUST
know your nominee's name!"
I admit it!! It's exciting to be able to vote and really feel I belong in this country. It's my first time and I'm quite excited! My excitement is quite obvious as you can see on my poem. But! I don't have the slightest idea of who i will be voting for. Politics is like a monotonous movement of the windmills for me. It completely bores me and can put me to sleep anytime. I can tell the names of the leaders and dragons in the book i'm reading and their character and leadership styles but ask me the differences between these governments politicians running in the federal elections and I'll give you a blank stare.
Okay... I may know the names of the officials but other than that... I'm completely and utterly clueless!!
Aha! I know what I need! A voting buddy!!! Someone who can explain to me the vested interests of these candidates. Someone who will convince me why I should vote for which aspirant. I've got to find that person in ...hmmm... 14 days!

Ugh! I'm completely hopeless!