Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Share!

This photostory is a compilation of what makes Share happy. We all have our own sweet escape and these are hers. During the making of this gift, I learned more about her. What makes her laugh, her fears, her dreams. This knowledge made me understand her as she is and it is beautiful.

To you Share... I wish the best. May you find peace within you and around you, today and always.

Keep smiling!


Share my point of view... said...

Haha! What a huge coincident! I love 'The Sweet Escape'. It was one of my all time favourite! I'm even listening to it now. =)

Thanks for the fantastic video. I love it so much!

EM said... are more than welcome Share! I kinda known you like Gwen Stefani and I just have a collection of her songs. I'm glad you like it too.

There is another one though. It's an older song and it's not as good as this but I want you to have it too. I will post it after this.

Keep smiling Share!

the donG said...

kakaaliw at kakatuwa ang mga picture. naalala ko tuloy mga laruan ko nung bata pa ako. matagal ko na silang hindi nakikita. hehehe...

galing ng tribute mo para kay share.

EM said...

salamat Dong! You need to visit them again! That is, if you still keep them somewhere. I wrecked mine a long long time ago. :)

It's her special day! It's a celebration of life..