Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Colors of Fall- The last Show

Before the last leaf falls to the ground
Before the first snow flurry touch the soil
Before all the colors has gone to sleep
And pure white overcomes us all

Let’s capture the last show
That nature has to stage
A kaleidoscope of colors
A cabaret of hues and shades

The show of all shows
Magnificent, grand and free
To entertain the eyes
Fill the mind of what they used to be

Until they bow and withdraw
Behind the white curtain they will stay
Until spring comes again
When they wake up and play

And begin a colourful show
All over again.


juleste said...

ganda naman ng sight and sound :-)

i like the phrase 'temporary ever after' from the song.

very nice poem, em. the 'cabaret of hues and shades' reminds me of another line...

"It isn't that a long a stay.
Life is a cabaret, old chum,
Come to the cabaret"

Share my point of view... said...

Aww! Nice poem. Nice to see you indulging yourself with the beautiful write-ups for us readers to appreciate! ;)

EM said...

Thanks Juleste.. This is natures last Hurrah! But they will come bak in spring.. baka meron pa akong isunaod na photo story na ang music naman eh the last leaf ng cascade ba yun? intay ko muna ma mhulog na lahat yang mga dahon nayan.

salamat sa pag dalaw!!

EM said...

Thanks Share! Now that it's back to the cold weather, imagination starts to kick in. That is to compensate with the limited sceneries available. I guess I'll be having more book reviews too.

Any good book coming??

the donG said...

very beautiful song! the trees looks so nice. nakakarelax pag ganyan. kaya lang lapit na rin ang fall.

EM said...

I know Dong. Wala na ako gagawin nyan kundi magtitingin sa blog nyo ni lawstude buong winter!

salamt sa pagdalaw.