Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It is Done.... it is cast!

A special day indeed
to exercise my right
and my say in government
my hope and my plight

This is my assigned voting place
X marks the spot for sure
a hundred steps from home
a thousand step to a new future

Hmmm... this is new! This is queer!!

This is not what I was used to back home..

No people around, no one to hand out little leaflets

It almost scared me but lets see some more !

No armed guards, no intimidating bullies

I went directly to my polling booth.

Gave my card and proved my identity

And in a covered desk i did my truth.

No computers, no high tech gadgets

Just a list, a ballot box and a covered desk for privacy

No lobbying, no leaflets and endless chaos

Just a stream of people, exercising their right and duty.

This is my piece of mind and my piece of hope

My first in Canadian history

May they be heeded, may they be heard

May they be an intrument of unity and harmony.


jules said...

A perfect example of a mature electoral process.

Thanks for sharing your voting experience.

Dito po sa amin, pag election kulang na lang eh lechon, parang piesta na. Kaya after ng election ibang usapan na...

the donG said...

galing ng tour mo sa amin dyan. para na rin kaming boboto.

ibang iba nga sa pinas.

Share my point of view... said...

I'm still under aged so it won't be till 4 more years till I'm qualified to do so!

Congrats on exercising your rights for a better government!

Lawstude said...

congratulations is really in order. i always believe din kasi na if you have the right of suffrage, then you have the right of every citizen na rin. equal na talaga kayo lahat jan.

Sidney said...

As it should be... and hopefully no cheating...