Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to a friend

Today is a special day for it's my friends birthday. Last year, she woke up with this song greeting her. She thought then that it's not a coincidence that brought the song to her for it made her stop and think. This was what she thought then when she heard the song "Hmm... my predicatment exactly. Is this a message for me? I wonder if I get an early opportunity to be closer to my family..." . Since she got the opportunity to work in Manila, she has long to be with her family in Bohol.

It's her birthday again... and this time I guess it is very different. The premonition of last years birthday has come true. She is now re-assigned to Bohol and is now enjoying all her time with her family.

Now, this is my song to you. And like the song says... " It would be so fine to see your face at my door, Doesn't help to know you're just time away". I miss all our happenings.

I hope you opened your eyes this morning with a new song and a new realization. A realization that It's a wonderful world... and it's yours to take.

love always....


the donG said...

sending my birthday greetings to her thru this comment.

enjoy your weekend em!

EM said...

thanks Dong! Hopefulyy she still have time to read blogs. She is still settling in and probably have not had quite enough of her new surroundings. But nevertheless... it's the thought that counts.

Thank you again ang you have a nice weekend yourself. Happy hallowen!

Anonymous said...

she's actually inviting us to be with her today to celebrate her specially day hehe i almost jumped for the first flight to tagbilaran city but then i realized my hands are tied with stuff at work.

i told her once, when i go to her place again, i'll bring the boys of reason. its such a wonderful place! sana makapasyal uli ako don! wishing-wishing hehe

anyway, its such a nice song, full of longing... but i'm sure you'll see her again, in toronto or in manila or in tagbilaran city.

wishing her the best on this special day... and i hope she blogs hehe

EM said...

Oh Juleste! I would have loved to join too!! If were were really in one place...we could have created such a blast!!! There'll be merriment lasting the whole night through! I can very well imagine.

You should go back ang bring the boys... they will love it there i'm sure!

I'm really optimistic that I will see her again...this lifetime or the next! :)

second the motion!! I'm missing her blog posts. she writes so nice.

thanks for the chat Juleste! sorry i'm a bit late to respond... there seemed to be so many to think about these days... literally each day!