Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wonderful World of Share

My first concept of Share's birthday gift. I tried adding titles and I think I did not fare so well. When it was finished and I watched it over and over. Still, there is something missing and somehow I was not so satisfied. Which in the end led me to my second photostory, the sweet escape. Just the same, I still want Share to have this.

This is to remind her that she lives in a wonderful world and her pictures shows it. That the world although sometimes pickle is a place full of wonder and love. May she choose to see the world with open heart and may love abound around her.


Share my point of view... said...

I love it so much, there is nothing wrong with it at all! Weird for you to say that because I happen to like this more than the Sweet Escape. =D They're both really special to me. Thank you again. I'm really grateful for the gifts.

Have a great weekend!

the donG said...

this is indeed better. nagiging magaling ka na dito.

EM said...

You're very welcome Share! I enjoyed doing it. Thanks for letting me do this for you too.

Have a good wekend too! it's our thanks giving weekend here.

EM said...

Do you think so Dong. Kasi noong una kala ko di bagay sa age ni share yung song kaya nag alangan ako. Nabasa ko yung profile nya at doon ko nakita na paborito nya si Gwen Stefani kaya nag ka idea ako dun sa second.

Sunod ikaw naman gagawan ko ha?