Friday, December 28, 2007

Birthdays and sleep-overs

Such chaos! Having 6 girls in one place for eleven hours is beyond any description. More so if they are all 11 years old where they still want to run around and plays hide and seek instead of just watching movies and talking. I have to prepare dinner, breakfast and lunch for 6 picky girls! It was really really challenging that I have asked myself a hundred times how I could have agreed to this.

But then, watching them have fun (specially my daughter) made the experience tolerable. I know there’ll be more sleep over in the future but I know too that each year will give my daughter beautiful memories she will be keeping for the rest of her life. The girls started coming in by 3 pm. My daughter has an agenda prepared as to what to do for the whole night (mind you, I did not see hide and seek in there). They started with some art making. Then dinner next (favorite food: pizza!). Then some movies and games, lots and lots of games including to my surprise, hide and seek. I wished they would stick to watching movies and playing computer games. Games that will just make them stay at one place. But no, they seemed to have tremendous energy that they are always itching to run and jump and eventually make a mess of everything. Pillows everywhere, chips and popcorn on the bed and couches. I just stood there watching unable to say anything. When I could not bear it anymore, I just went in my room, closed the door and tried to forget the outside world while praying that the neighbors would be deaf for just tonight…please… until 2PM the next day.

It was just really really exhausting! It was to them too being up the whole night running around! It’s a good thing I have the whole year to prepare for it. I have to store up patience, tolerance, sleep and stamina. Right now I’m all drained but a proud survivor.

*Sigh* the bitter sweet of being a mother, I love it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Buddy likes his Christmas gift!

I think he's saying "Thank you Mommy for this gift! I really like it!". He now have his own sofabed. For two years he has contented himself sleeping on whichever sofa is available. Sometimes we would accidentally kick him when he sleeps on our beds. Now, he does not have to worry about being kicked or finding all the seats taken to be able to get some good ol' rest. When we presented it to him, he seemed to like it right away. He knows its for him.

This is how much Buddy loves his new bed. So comfy... just looking at him makes me feel sleepy..hehe.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all !

Monday, December 17, 2007

Parade of Princesses

I just have to give a proper introduction to my Princesses. I’m still in euphoria over their transformations that I’ve decided, they needed to have more time in the limelight. So the party is all set! Each Princess will have their proper unveiling.

Princess number one was named Princess Tatiana. Showing a before and after look, it definitely proved an amazing transformation. Wearing a flowing black and gold gown accented by golden laces, ruffled around her waist and yellow glass beads. Princess Tatiana is a sight to behold. She will be a permanent and honored guest to the house of Suzanne.

Princess number two was named Princess Victoria in a flowing red and white gown. The string of red and pink roses around her waist as well as the glistening red flowers that adorned the edges of her white skirt has created the feminine aura that best describe her passion. Princess Victoria will be a permanent guest to the house of Violy.

Princess number three is Princess Anastasia. She is a lover of the light and therefore has chosen to wear the color of the sun. Vibrant and cheerful with the flowing orange and yellow gown, please welcome Princess Anastasia. The exquisite orange lace like fabric has given the desired flowing effect that mimics the radiance of the sun. She will be a permanent guest to the house of Lady Fe.

Princess number three is Princess Fiona. Truly mesmerizing in a pink and white gown, Princess Fiona has expressed her love of being a woman. Accented by a lilac tool skirt and pink and lilac glass beads, has made this creation worthy of a princess. She will be a permanent guest to the house of Jenny.

Princess number four is Princess Charlotte. Adorning an exquisite black and silver gown, Princess Charlotte is ready to face the world. A lover of elegance and grace, she will be perfect to keep her owners most precious jewelries. Princess Charlotte will be a permanent guest to the house of Mommy Ellen.

Princess number five is Princess Octavia. Her passion and fire was excellently expressed in her choice of red and gold gown. Her radiance and charm is definitely the likes of a Queen. Princess Octavia will be a permanent guest to the house of Michelle.

Last but not the least, Princess Louise! Designed and conceptualized by my daughter, she is a vision of freshness. Modern and yet classy, Princess Louise is wearing a white satin gown accented with a green lace and flowers with strings of pearls flowing from her waist. She will be a permanent guest to the house of Louise.
That concludes the parade of Princesses. Hope you enjoyed it. Next project will hopefully be the parade of Queens! :)

Gifts worth Giving

When is a gift worth giving?
Is it the cost that merits importance?
Or the thought that counts
And the spirit of sharing that gives its substance?

I was really happy that I chanced upon these beauties!!! In spite of the pending snow storm looming ahead, my mom, my daughter and I, went to this Chinese store to find some not so expensive Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. I know, I know, I’m a bit of a procrastinator. I should have done my Christmas shopping a long time ago. I did try and I’m not so satisfied to what I have seen. This time it is different. I saw …. “Cinderellas”!!!! That is not a grammar mistake; I am meaning to say multiple Cinderella. I saw these little Ballerinas that have hooks for heads and arms. It’s a bit gross but the hooks were used to hold jewelries. It gave me this great idea. So, I bought 6 Ballerinas and called them my Little Cinderellas! I have asked my mother and my daughter to help me in a little quest. We will turn these Ballerinas to beautiful Princesses.

The quest began. With a small trip to the Textile store for bits and pieces of fabrics and some glass beads we went home and started. My mom is the head Fairy Godmother here. She handles all the sawing and approves all design proposals. My daughter and I were just her assistants and in charge of the glue gun. Although during the session of transforming these little Ballerinas, my daughter has decided to design her own fashion style. It was a lot of work but fun and fulfilling. We were like playing with Barbies! It took us until 3AM to finish everything.

Here are the fruits of our Labor!! Our own Princesses all dressed up for the Ball. I like all of them although my daughter says her creation has the most original and modern style. Hers was the Princess with the green ribbon around her waist. But it’s not a beauty contest! All of them are work of art!

Now these … are gifts worth giving!

Blizzard Anyone??

When ever the word blizzard is spoken, a picture of a very sweet and cold dessert comes to my mind. I would definitely accept a blizzard if offered for free. But, as it turned out this past weekend, there is one free blizzard that I think the whole city would decline to accept. The unfortunate fact is, it is not for the city or for anyone to accept or not. All we get is a fair warning which is better than being surprised and caught unaware. So, we had the privilege to experience a full category Blizzard starting the afternoon of Saturday, lasted through the night and the whole day of Sunday. The consolation was that it happened during the week end when most people were at home. Nevertheless, it wrecked all plans of Christmas shopping (that includes me). I’m not that upset though because I was able to sneak some shopping on the morning of Saturday before all mayhem started. I'll reserve that topic for my next blog (so excited about it, I can't wait to share).
That storm has put the meaning of the term blizzard into a whole new perspective for me. According to Wikipedia, a winter storm should have winds of 40 km/h (25 mph) or more, have snow or blowing snow, visibility less than 1 km (about 5⁄8 mile), a wind chill of less than −25 °C (−13 °F), and that all of these conditions must last for 4 hours or more before the storm can be properly called a blizzard. All of those characteristics were present during the two day storm.
Monday paper has captured everything. Was it devastating? How many died?? Was it like a super typhoon in the Philippines? Death is a serious outcome of any calamity. Back home or anywhere else it is one of the ways to asses severity of any tragedy. But I guess preparation and timing goes along long way. We knew the storm is coming, we were prepared and we knew what to do. We stayed home and simply let nature do her thing. There were however a lot of inconveniences. Everyone needs to shovel all the accumulated snow on doorways and walkways. No one can drive through this storm. Everyone who did not prepare and underestimated the storm got stranded in the middle of the road. Cars who braved the outside met chaos. There were 800 car accidents within the duration of the storm. No wonder car insurance is so expensive in this country. And yes, there was a single incident of death. A snow plow truck hit a parked car and killed a woman.

How about us? We were warm and cozy inside cleaning house and watching movies. We did try to go out and see if the kids could go tobogganing. Only to find out that nature was in fury. Snow is blowing everywhere, temperature is too cold to tolerate and it was so hard to walk through knee deep snow. We ended up going back after 10 minutes!

I would definitely think twice when asked if I like to have a blizzard.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Nativity

Wikipedia defines the Christian Nativity scene as a depiction, whether two or three dimensional, of the baby Jesus (in a manger), Mary and Joseph in an animal barn. Sometimes the Three Kings will be included and at times shepherds too.

Ever since I can remember as a child, we would always have this Nativity scene as one of the must have ornaments during Christmas time. It was also the oldest story ever told. Even little children would know who each person is and their importance. I still remember the times I asked my Mom to tell me the story of Jesus’ birth whenever we do our yearly Christmas decorations. The same thing happened when I had my own kids. The questions were endless at the start but then after some time, they themselves can practically tell the whole story on their own.

Jesus born in a manger… is the most symbolic event for me. It says a lot of things and I find it moving and true.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Magic

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

- Norman Vincent Peale

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To be there and not

Have you ever thought of a perfect place and time? Would it be in the springtime in the garden surrounded by blossoms and butterflies? Would it be on top of the mountains in the fall with everything within your sight and might? Or better yet, in the densest jungle, convening with nature and living life wild.

Mine is simple. I want to be in the picture attached. Watching the waves and the soft foams that form when waves touch the rocks. Listening to the waves as they play their most eloquent music. Beckoning, inviting. Feeling the sea breeze as they touch my skin warm and subtle. The smell and taste of salt completes the profusion of sensations and places my being in utter careless stupor. In my mind, I can all feel those and it is just perfect. *Sigh* the good news is that I’m half way there. I just need to work on the other half, which is reality

The picture was taken in Boracay by my vacationing relatives.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas of Old

When I was a child, Christmas was my favorite Holiday and next to it was New Year’s Day. I have long abandoned my birthday and just looked forward to Christmas every year. As soon as I heard the first Christmas song on the radio, strings of excitement would run through my veins. It’s not (only) the presents, not (only) the food, not the beautiful decorations but the whole spirit of celebration. As soon as I was able, I would go to the midnight mass. I remember trying not to fall asleep through the sermon. The chapel that we go to was a small one. The chapel was extended to the street. During mass, no vehicle can pass through this street. People would bring their own chairs and would be able to choose a good spot to listen to the mass. When it’s the midnight mass, everyone would be wearing sweaters because it is quite chilly staying outside on the street for the duration of the mass. It was so nice to feel the gentle breeze of Christmas air on my cheek. After mass, there will be special treats to bring home for breakfast. My favorite one was the special Bibingka sold just nearby the chapel.

I would also look forward to meeting my friends after dinner to go caroling. We would have our hand made instruments made of ordinary things. There would be no practice; we would just sing our hearts out and really have fun. Sometimes we would have collected enough money to buy ourselves some treats.

Growing up has fortified the spirit and I continue to bask in its splendor. Until…

I drifted to another place and time. L I should say that I truly miss this feeling since I left home. I don’t know why but it is very different here. I know there are more food here, more presents, and more money but … the true spirit of Christmas cannot be felt. It is true and I am convinced… the spirit of Christmas dwells among the places where there are less food, less gifts and less money.

Maybe that is why Christ was born in a manger. And the Kings of old have come with gifts to share and celebrate the birth of Christ. Someday, I’d like to come home in time for Christmas....with gifts to share and to once again feel the spirit that has left my heart with longing.