Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To be there and not

Have you ever thought of a perfect place and time? Would it be in the springtime in the garden surrounded by blossoms and butterflies? Would it be on top of the mountains in the fall with everything within your sight and might? Or better yet, in the densest jungle, convening with nature and living life wild.

Mine is simple. I want to be in the picture attached. Watching the waves and the soft foams that form when waves touch the rocks. Listening to the waves as they play their most eloquent music. Beckoning, inviting. Feeling the sea breeze as they touch my skin warm and subtle. The smell and taste of salt completes the profusion of sensations and places my being in utter careless stupor. In my mind, I can all feel those and it is just perfect. *Sigh* the good news is that I’m half way there. I just need to work on the other half, which is reality

The picture was taken in Boracay by my vacationing relatives.


NAO said...

Yeah, I know what you mean because I'm a water person myself. Wish looking for money would be as easy as picking up shells along the shore, huh? :-) Life would be bliss!

EM said...

You said it Nao! Hope we win the Lotto, then money is as easy as picking shells along the sea shore. :)

In the mean time...keep on dreaming! Thats what I do.

have a good day!