Monday, December 17, 2007

Parade of Princesses

I just have to give a proper introduction to my Princesses. I’m still in euphoria over their transformations that I’ve decided, they needed to have more time in the limelight. So the party is all set! Each Princess will have their proper unveiling.

Princess number one was named Princess Tatiana. Showing a before and after look, it definitely proved an amazing transformation. Wearing a flowing black and gold gown accented by golden laces, ruffled around her waist and yellow glass beads. Princess Tatiana is a sight to behold. She will be a permanent and honored guest to the house of Suzanne.

Princess number two was named Princess Victoria in a flowing red and white gown. The string of red and pink roses around her waist as well as the glistening red flowers that adorned the edges of her white skirt has created the feminine aura that best describe her passion. Princess Victoria will be a permanent guest to the house of Violy.

Princess number three is Princess Anastasia. She is a lover of the light and therefore has chosen to wear the color of the sun. Vibrant and cheerful with the flowing orange and yellow gown, please welcome Princess Anastasia. The exquisite orange lace like fabric has given the desired flowing effect that mimics the radiance of the sun. She will be a permanent guest to the house of Lady Fe.

Princess number three is Princess Fiona. Truly mesmerizing in a pink and white gown, Princess Fiona has expressed her love of being a woman. Accented by a lilac tool skirt and pink and lilac glass beads, has made this creation worthy of a princess. She will be a permanent guest to the house of Jenny.

Princess number four is Princess Charlotte. Adorning an exquisite black and silver gown, Princess Charlotte is ready to face the world. A lover of elegance and grace, she will be perfect to keep her owners most precious jewelries. Princess Charlotte will be a permanent guest to the house of Mommy Ellen.

Princess number five is Princess Octavia. Her passion and fire was excellently expressed in her choice of red and gold gown. Her radiance and charm is definitely the likes of a Queen. Princess Octavia will be a permanent guest to the house of Michelle.

Last but not the least, Princess Louise! Designed and conceptualized by my daughter, she is a vision of freshness. Modern and yet classy, Princess Louise is wearing a white satin gown accented with a green lace and flowers with strings of pearls flowing from her waist. She will be a permanent guest to the house of Louise.
That concludes the parade of Princesses. Hope you enjoyed it. Next project will hopefully be the parade of Queens! :)