Friday, December 28, 2007

Birthdays and sleep-overs

Such chaos! Having 6 girls in one place for eleven hours is beyond any description. More so if they are all 11 years old where they still want to run around and plays hide and seek instead of just watching movies and talking. I have to prepare dinner, breakfast and lunch for 6 picky girls! It was really really challenging that I have asked myself a hundred times how I could have agreed to this.

But then, watching them have fun (specially my daughter) made the experience tolerable. I know there’ll be more sleep over in the future but I know too that each year will give my daughter beautiful memories she will be keeping for the rest of her life. The girls started coming in by 3 pm. My daughter has an agenda prepared as to what to do for the whole night (mind you, I did not see hide and seek in there). They started with some art making. Then dinner next (favorite food: pizza!). Then some movies and games, lots and lots of games including to my surprise, hide and seek. I wished they would stick to watching movies and playing computer games. Games that will just make them stay at one place. But no, they seemed to have tremendous energy that they are always itching to run and jump and eventually make a mess of everything. Pillows everywhere, chips and popcorn on the bed and couches. I just stood there watching unable to say anything. When I could not bear it anymore, I just went in my room, closed the door and tried to forget the outside world while praying that the neighbors would be deaf for just tonight…please… until 2PM the next day.

It was just really really exhausting! It was to them too being up the whole night running around! It’s a good thing I have the whole year to prepare for it. I have to store up patience, tolerance, sleep and stamina. Right now I’m all drained but a proud survivor.

*Sigh* the bitter sweet of being a mother, I love it.