Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas of Old

When I was a child, Christmas was my favorite Holiday and next to it was New Year’s Day. I have long abandoned my birthday and just looked forward to Christmas every year. As soon as I heard the first Christmas song on the radio, strings of excitement would run through my veins. It’s not (only) the presents, not (only) the food, not the beautiful decorations but the whole spirit of celebration. As soon as I was able, I would go to the midnight mass. I remember trying not to fall asleep through the sermon. The chapel that we go to was a small one. The chapel was extended to the street. During mass, no vehicle can pass through this street. People would bring their own chairs and would be able to choose a good spot to listen to the mass. When it’s the midnight mass, everyone would be wearing sweaters because it is quite chilly staying outside on the street for the duration of the mass. It was so nice to feel the gentle breeze of Christmas air on my cheek. After mass, there will be special treats to bring home for breakfast. My favorite one was the special Bibingka sold just nearby the chapel.

I would also look forward to meeting my friends after dinner to go caroling. We would have our hand made instruments made of ordinary things. There would be no practice; we would just sing our hearts out and really have fun. Sometimes we would have collected enough money to buy ourselves some treats.

Growing up has fortified the spirit and I continue to bask in its splendor. Until…

I drifted to another place and time. L I should say that I truly miss this feeling since I left home. I don’t know why but it is very different here. I know there are more food here, more presents, and more money but … the true spirit of Christmas cannot be felt. It is true and I am convinced… the spirit of Christmas dwells among the places where there are less food, less gifts and less money.

Maybe that is why Christ was born in a manger. And the Kings of old have come with gifts to share and celebrate the birth of Christ. Someday, I’d like to come home in time for Christmas....with gifts to share and to once again feel the spirit that has left my heart with longing.


JTE said...

Hi EM!

My comment about "Christmas of Old" is here:

EM said...

Hi JTE!!!

I went and read your update. Wow, that is new! I can't see myself dancing in public even when i was a child!

I was meaning to leave a message but It's for members only. Anyway, thanks for updating me on the new caroling wave back home!

Have a Merry Christmas!

JTE said...

Hello, hello!

Last night on my way home, I encountered seven (!) dancing groups. Three of them were actually dancing with gusto. Its not just Christmas song, one group I passed by was dancing to the tune of Joey’s de Leon’s “Itaktak Mo” while a group in another block was beeboping with the latest dance tune.

The kids’ costumes were hip and accessorized with Christmas stuff. Some even managed to have their group’s name and the name of the barangay where they live printed at the back of their shirt. But I noticed some girls were wearing skimpy attire. I guess they needed to be reminded of the essence of what they are doing. The Reason for the Season.

If I get a chance (and permission) to videotape a group doing a Christmas dance, I’ll upload it to Youtube so you can see for yourself.

You can easily register with wordpress. Its like blogspot, I used to have two accounts at blogspot but I forgot my passwords and couldn’t access them anymore so I opened another one at wordpress.

Ang sabi nga ng maingay na TV broadcaster dito sa ‘min, “Labing-apat na araw na lang po at Pasko na!"

Maligayang Pasko!

EM said...

That was really neat. I can imagine these kids were really having a blast. Having a party every night can be soo tiring. I just hope they still have energy to go to school the next day.

If we're there I guess I can only allow my kids to go on Fridays and Saturdays (with me tagging along...hehe)

Yup...14 days to go...I can feel people there being a bit tense and excited. I bet you have all your menu all planned out, your home all dressed up for a merry celebration! Are you going for the simbang gabi? Did it started already?

Take care JTE