Saturday, January 12, 2008

Of Flowers and Butterflies

Paruparong bukid na lilipad-lipad
Sa gitna ng daan'y papagapagaspas
Isang bara ang tapis
Isang dangkal ang manggas
Ang sayang de kola
Isang piyesa ang sayad
May payneta pa siya -- uy!
May suklay pa mandin -- uy!
Nagwas de-ohetes ang palalabasin
Haharap sa altar at mananalamin
At saka lalakad na pakendeng-kendeng.

My opening line is so cute. It’s a folk song that very small children would first learn back home (i.e. during my time ). I have no idea when or where I’ve learn this song but in the very back of my mind I still remember it. Maybe broken and fragmented but I can surely hum it. I can remember how my friends and I would sing it complete with hand and hip gestures. It’s a very funny song about an overly dressed young lady (which is why she was called a field butterfly). Anyway, this post has something to do with butterflies but not entirely.

The artistic side of me has flared up again. I have this episode every once in a while. I saw these albums on sale in the mall. It was covered with pink fabric and maybe due to storage has somehow stained a little. Being in constant look out for bargains, I was not able to put them down. I could make some improvement on these or make them personalized.
So, off I went to the Dollar Store to buy some small flowers, butterflies and some stick on letters. Guess what? It didn’t take me too long. I have personalized the albums to be given to my two nieces back home. I am sure they will both like it.


JTE said...

The song is a classic metaphor for a lot of things. What is payneta?

Some butterflies are messengers from another world.

And there's this poem that ends.. "what is death to caterpillar is called a butterfly."

EM said...

Hi JTE... yes it is. Payneta is a double comb accesory that I think is quite fashionable during the older days.

We were often told when we were young that if a butterfly comes in the house, it means a relative who passed away has come to pay a visit. Imagine us trying to hide from every butterfly that unfortunately got lost its way in our house.


JTE said...

Hi em!

I thought payneta is a little pamaypay.

A week after my father passed away a big, brown butterfly came to my room at work. We don't normally see butterflies at work. When a colleague saw it, she told me it was my father and I believed her. I always think of my father, but whenever I see a butterfly, something tells me that he's just around the bend paying a visit and later on will return to that eternal place with glowing pearly gate.

EM said...

You know what JTE? I had the same experience. Shortly after my fathers death, a butterfly appeared inside the house and I somehow knew it was him. But this time I wasn't afraid. I just smiled and in my mind thanking him for the visit. Guess what...i told my son...grandpa is the vicious cycle.

Have a good day JTE!