Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Better View

We moved to a new home! My youngest has reached the age that she needs her own space and that’s the main reason we moved from a two bedroom to a three bedroom apartment. The main thing I like about this new apartment is the view from the balcony. We are still on the tenth floor but the balcony is facing a huge park. In the mornings the park is a really really serene place where birds sing and in the afternoon it is filled with children laughing and screaming while playing games.

Below is how the park looks like in summer as seen from the balcony. The grass is green, the trees are lushed with green leaves and the air is fresh and warm. I love to spend my mornings looking out and enjoying the scenery while having my coffee or doing some stretching.


jules said...

wow perfect view! parang ang sarap mag ala-diva with the birds in the morning. or i-re-enact yung balcony scene sa romeo and juliet tapos si romeo nakasakay sa crane so he can see juliet at the 10th floor

EM said...

diba??? hehe...romeo and juliet nalang...hindi pwede rapunzel eh. thanks for dropping by Juleste!