Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Nice Dusting of Snow - Fist snow fall of the season

It was Dec 7 when the first fall of snow came. We’ve been waiting for it for a while already. Last year, it came around November. This year, it’s late but it came none the less… re assuring us of a white Christmas.

It came in slow fall, with huge flakes falling slowly and surely. It would have been nice to be out there immersed in it all. But I have to contend being out in the balcony staring at the beautiful flurries fall and cover the still green grass. I am sure that the children in school would have had the chance to go out and greet the snow personally.

There’s not much right now. The snow that fell today is just enough to dust the ground and a nice contrast to the green grass and the pine leaves.

There’s this thing about snow that make you love it and hate it. Well, children have always thought the snow is the coolest thing around in winter (except the gift giving during Christmas time..hehe). But for us adults there are lots to dread about. Behind the pretty, clean, velvety exterior that brings feeling of attraction to go out and play with it is the coldness that makes your ears and nose red and numb. It makes the road harder to drive through and walking in icy walkways is this risk of falling down and getting a concussion. We can worry all we like but snow is very much part of winter that you either love it or leave it. For me, I’ve always contented myself at looking at it falling behind a huge window with a cup of hot chocolate drink in hand. But I guess this year I would like to enjoy it more by being out and plunge myself in the midst of this white, cold thing and enjoy it more closely. Probably try a snow ball fight, make some snow angels, and be adventurous enough to do tobogganing. Brrrr…. I better get my gears ready…hehe