Friday, October 12, 2007

My Sons New School

I took a picture of my sons’ new school from the van. I know it’s such a lazy thing to do. I’m still a shy photographer (I hope this will change when I get a better camera). Unlike his previous elementary school, which is shiny and new, this one is old and gray (modest is the appropriate term). I don’t mean to offend; I have never judged a book by its cover. I still picked this school for my son, didn’t I? I chose it primarily because one of my cousins been a graduate there and one is still at present studying on his senior year. There is already a sense of belonging and a good reputation to boot. It is also an all boys Catholic School. They don’t have too big a population so control and discipline will not be too hard.

So far, he’s doing good. The uniform suits him well too. The grade 9s orientation was held in Muskoka Camp for three days. My son enjoyed it immensely. There was also a parent curriculum orientation last week for all grade 9s (1st year high school). We were asked to go to each period/subject that our sons go through and get to know the teachers and their subjects. It was very interesting and it does make us feel as parents that we are personally involved with our sons’ studies. I got all his teachers email addresses and that makes me feel good.

I am so content to what the school offers. The public catholic high school here is comparable to the private catholic high schools back home except for the manner of teaching (it is more lenient here). I guess the private high schools here got that missing touch, but it is too expensive.

So far, my son’s feedback on his new school is good. He didn’t have any trouble finding new friends and no issues of bullying whatsoever. He got the hang of commuting on his own (or with some friends). He hasn’t told me but I know he misses having girls as classmates. I can’t help but feel guilty at times but I strongly feel that girls should be the least priority in his list of goals at the moment. Anyway, there’s an all girls Catholic High School near their school. ;) I’ll leave it at that….