Sunday, October 14, 2007

SM where art thou? All I see is Walmart now.

One of my fond memories of back home was my endless mall strolling and window shopping. I remember most of SM malls. The Megamalls of SM is just like a fantasy world for me. I can get lost into it and not be bothered by worldly cares. I don’t necessarily have to buy (because most of the time I do not have money to splurge). It’s just the many things to see, to hold in my hand and the thought of having them in the future (wishful thinking).

The malls here in Canada are nothing to compare with the malls back home. The one I frequent the most is Walmart. It’s a very famous store. This one in the picture is a supercenter already. It’s the biggest compared to other branches. Open from 6 AM to 12PM, it’s the most accessible store. Sometimes I do my groceries 11pm :) or when the kids suddenly needs something for school and it’s already 9pm it becomes my emergency store.

Is Walmart the store I can get lost in? Nah… There are other malls that are bigger and I have one in mind that I think I can literally get lost in. It’s called the PATH. PATH is downtown Toronto's underground walkway linking 27 kilometres of shopping, services and entertainment. Follow PATH and you'll reach your downtown destination easily in weatherproof comfort. I was told about this underground heaven (especially during winter) and I’ve decided right there and then that it was the mall for me. I guess being a newbie, the first time I tried to get there I could not find the place. When I found the place, it was what the legend says…it’s an endless tunnel of things to see, to eat and to be lost in (literally and figuratively). :) I was vindicated!
To get to know more about PATH, here is a link you can check out!


Nao said...

Hey, SM malls here are literally sprouting in most cities nowadays. Gone are those days when you'd go to a province up north when you'd be desperate to find a shopping place. Visit us home sometime.

EM said...

So I've heard Nao. One of these days... :) i'll get one more fill of SM breath in me. So many memories!!

Take care.