Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cast your burdens upon me.. and I will give you rest.

This song has always inspired many. The many I mentioned includes me of course. But never in my life have I really felt its meaning than during my recent moments of crisis. A crisis so overwhelming, so tragic that like a heavy boat in the midst of torrent waves, I must unload some of the weight to stay afloat. I have to cast my burdens so I can focus on living. So, I did. One night, I prayed to God and asked Him if He could take these lumbers off my shoulder. I don’t want to think and worry about them from now on and He may do whatever he pleases with them.

Little do I know that He not only took the burden and carry them on His own shoulder but He is also working on them. One day, He sent me a note saying… “Your burden No. 1 has been taken cared of”. It’s that easy… the burden that I’ve been carrying for years have been taken cared of. I am a testament to His grace, wonders and blessings. Praise the Lord!


jules said...

Life is a test and we can pass it with flying colors if we always let God lead the way. Very inspiring post, Em.

EM said...

Thanks Jules... it's a revelation. It's true... you feel His precense most when you needed it the most.

thanks for dropping by... God bless.