Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrating Friendship - Nov 29, 2007

Treasure the friendship you receive above all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished."
— Og Mandino

Let me dedicate this post to a dear friend. I have not met her personally but she became as dear and as close to my heart as any bestfriends would ever be. Ours is a unique story. Each living a world apart, met through the world wide web and together began a journey of sharing and caring worthy of telenovelas and the likes. Today marks our first chika, the commencement of a long line of letters, emails, calls and chats. The beginning of a great friendship oblivious of time and space.

I have a box I call “jules box” filled with goodies from her. Whenever I am lonely or sad… I go to my jules box to find something that would lift my spirit up. It works everytime… until now I can still pick up one thing inside the box that would bring me to smile and bring me inspirations. It gives me countless ideas of what to do or what to write about. She is everything a friend is about and if Ibegin to describe her, I would not be able to finish my post. :) Hopefully ... i'm not promising anything ..hehe... that I would beable to bring her out in some of the future post I make.

She knows me enough to write my life story. And I hope I know her enough to write hers. A lot of times I long to hold her hands and to feel her warmth beside me. To share a cup of coffee and talk about anything endlessly. I wish I could always run to her house just to see her and say hi. But I guess that could wait.

I hope to meet her someday. Give her a huge embrace enough to catch up on those times we are apart. Until then.....
Thank you for being my friend Jules!!


jules said...


it makes me weepy ahahay...

and i'm still working on how to commemorate this special day [bad me!]

thanks so much for remembering this day, em. the date is written in my heart. right beside the ventricle and a little above the aorta :-)

and is that a permission to write your authorized biography haha

love you em!! always and forever

EM said...

hehe... you've seen my treasure box, eh??

I'ts perfectly alright.. compared to me..I have all the time in this world. I do miss my work dearly but sataying at home and doing the things i like is even better..hehe.

you almost made me go to google map to look for that place in your heart...hehe. anyway, that is a good place.

and yes.. if someone should ever write my would be the best candidate.

love you back always and forever...