Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Lost Symbol – by Dan Brown

To live in the world without becoming
aware of the meaning of the world is
like wandering about in a great library
without touching the books.
The Secret Teachings
Of All Ages

How will I start my story of Dan Browns new novel? Hmmm… The Lost Symbol somehow .. lost me. Well, compared to The Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, this last sequel didn’t come up with something new. When I say new, it’s not just new, I was kind of expecting big and spectacular. It did however kept up with the usual suspense and fast phase thrills of the two previous novels. There was a moment there that I thought Dan Brown has killed the character of Robert Langdon. I was saying to myself… the lead character is dead already and I still have several chapters to go through. Don’t be alarmed… Robert Langdon is not dead. Surely another sequel is in the process.

Robert Langdon has found himself involved in another adventure (traumatic in the most frightening way). He was summoned to Washington DC presumably to be a guest speaker when he found himself in the middle of a severed hand and an annoying assistant director of the CIA. In one night, he was tricked, harassed, fled, kidnapped, tortured, killed, re-born, and found the lost symbol. If I was in his shoes…I would be catatonic by the time I was re-born. How can one person go through those experiences in one single night? The trauma is just too great.

Anyway, the story is about the obsession of one man to find the lost word of the Ancient mysteries that is guarded by the brotherhood of masons. It was written that it was buried somewhere in Washington DC. It was complicated by the involvement of CIA claiming some sort of national security. As expected, only Robert Langdon has the capability to decode the many secret code that protects the treasure. With the involvement of Masonic brothers, he unravelled the truths behind the secret codes which some were really hard for him to accept being a non-mason himself. There were new technologies added to the story like the Noetic science, the breathable liquid, the thermal imprint thingy…hehe.

What is the lost symbol??? Should I reveal it? Nah… I will only ruin the suspense to those who are reading it or about to read it.

Laus Deo – praise God


the donG said...

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Yes donG! I'm slowly starting to write again. Thanks for dropping by...hope to see more of you from now on. Hope you're doing well ... God Bless!