Sunday, February 1, 2009

All in a day's work

One early Sunday morning while walking buddy...I chanced upon the reaper of snow on the road doing its toil. It must have been quite a work keeping all the snow out of the way for motorists. Unlike rain water which will definitely find its way to the drain holes, snow just want to stay where they are. And they can cause a lot of accidents.

This lone public servant is only one of the many snow removal vehicles the government has. The bigger ones operating on the highways were bigger, meaner and it’s quite a sight to see them working together. The snow does not have chance against them.

Ahhh... all in a day’s work....

Do you have an “all in a day’s work” kinda thing?


Anonymous said...

holding a torch in the dark and leading the pack to find the day. that's my kind of all in a day's work.

EM said...

That's one cool day's work. being lead of the pack is a challenge on it's own. I bet you also have some funny class scenarios :)

juleste said...

the day - the way

funny scenarios all the time. pero minsan naga-guidance din ako haha