Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dreading Tomorrow

Time ticking, seconds slipping
The dread is coming, creeping slowly
Slowly but surely, like death in its wake
Time ticking, seconds slipping

Why must time keep on going?
Why can’t it stop awhile and breathe a little
Or much more take a vacation like everyone else
Why must it keep on going?

My eyelids are dropping
I must not sleep, I must keep time busy
Lest I forget and find myself
At tomorrow’s grasp, helpless and sorry.

I’m dreading tomorrow
Every second that passes by are seconds nearer
To the trepidation that gnaws upon me
Foreboding, menacing the very core of my soul.
Poem by Em
Picture courtesy of Naoms


the donG said...

i hope you're doing fine em.

Anonymous said...

will comfort food make the poet in you feel okay?

will comfort food make the poet in you feel okay?

i know someone who used to dread TOMorrow. but he was able to outsmart him and eventually became his partner in crimes. his name is JERRY.

whenever i dread TOMrrow, i just tuned in to cartTOM network and watch with the boys. TOMdili show, pink panther, benten.

EM said...

I'm OK DonG! The battle has passed, tomorrow wasn't that bad. Sometimes... one just have to get it over with. And once i've open up and taken everything in ...things went alot better.

win or loose... everyone comes out stronger and wiser.

thanks for the concern, aprreciated truly and deeply.

EM said...

hehe...that's funny Juleste! I want to meet that guy! you know what? before i let other people fight my battles for me... now I have to do it on my own... which is really an eye opener.

EM said...
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juleste said...

my bottles come only in the form of san mig light :-)

oh you mean, struggles, test, challenge to the highest degree!

i thought we're talking about beer haha

EM said...

hehe...another funny one Juleste. Yup...sometimes we wish our battles are really bottles of beer ready to be conquered.

the donG said...

"win or loose... everyone comes out stronger and wiser.">>> i agree. it's good to know em.

Lawstude said...

that is a sad poem em. i got goosebumps. is everything alright?

EM said...

Thanks again DonG! i promise to be cheery from now on.... malapit na valentines...hehe

EM said...

It was a big challenge Lawstude and no matter how busy i kept time through the night... tomorrow came and I just have to deal with it. And guess what? it wasn't so bad... sometimes one just has to get it over with.

thanks for the concern friend... sometimes it's all i need to go on... and face tomorrow (no matter how it will turn out).