Thursday, February 19, 2009

What else is there in Niagara besides the falls?

Yup!!! The Clifton Hill.... the street of fun at the Falls.
But beware! it's fun but it can also be a pocket drainer.

There's the movieland! Did we watch a movie?? Nah....

Arcades with games and rides.... good thing my kids outgrew this kind of thing already.

Huge ferris wheel... not for the faint hearted... me included..hehe

Restaurants!!! No hamburgers for us. We went for a full breakfast at Denny's.

Souvenir shops!! my daughters favorite and my wallets lament.

Ripleys believe it or not museum. Interesting building!!!

Last but not the least.... the bridge going to the US of A.
Next trip will be beyond that bridge.... with me


Anonymous said...

great shots! very colorful. i like the ripley's building :-) and the ferris wheel

Lawstude said...

ang gaganda ng shot em. i specially like the ripley's building. kakaaliw.

EM said...

Thanks Juleste! I guess the burst of color helps lighten up our winter burdens. Somehow in the midst of coldness and greyness we can still find color and warmth through these sights.

EM said...

Yup Lawstude, it's my favorite too although I haven't gone inside yet. Something to go back for. Niagara is one of my fav get away places. It's never too boring to and visit again.

the donG said...

like lawstude, i like the ripley's building. its unusual.

EM said...

So it does DonG! Next time i'll visit, i'll go in and take some pictures inside.

caryn said...

heehee. nice title, and even nicer post ;-) your're right, most people think niagara is just the falls

EM said...

Thanks Caryn! :)

We love going there even if we went there so many times already. One van never get tired of the place.