Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Day Adventures.... part 1

It was a holiday, at least in some provincial level. I am referring to February 16 being a Family Day. It’s an extra day after the weekend for families to spend more time with each other. I am fortunate enough to be working in a family friendly company so I had this day off too. Although most of the shopping stores were closed, most of the family attractions were generous enough to offer discount for families visiting their places. So, the zoo, the museums and other places have half price discounts!

It’s fortunate enough to have a mild weather this day. The maximum temperature is 1 degree and it was bright and sunny! This is the best we can have since its still winter. Perfect to go out and have some fun without the snow. We celebrated Family day in two places. The first place we went to is Niagara.

Off we went to Niagara Falls for breakfast! It’s a two-hour car ride but we wanted to be able to get away and see the falls in winter. We had a great big breakfast at Denny’s Restaurant. After that, we just had to get our butts for a walk to the falls. The air is chilly at 1 degree but the wind makes it feel a lot colder (colder means around –4 to –6 degrees), so under the bright shining sunshine we are wearing our coats hoods up. Meet Niaga Falls in winter:

The mist is alot thicker.....

The water is also denser. This is due to ice crystals in the water.

ice formations on the rocks near the fall.

The river covered with ice. Can we ice skate? Definitely not! It's too thin right now.

The falls seemed to be lethargic ...... I think I like the falls better in the summer time.


juleste said...

its always nice to spend a special occasion with the family. in this very busy world, bonding is imperative.

the first photo is fantastic

"And I feel like I'm clinging to a cloud... I get misty the moment you're near..." [misty by johnny mathis]

the donG said...

wow! stunning!