Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Cool Way to Learn

Schoolhouse Rock - Interjections

My daughter found this cool site in you-tube. The site is named "Schoolhouse Rock" and they have a collection of mini english grammar lessons specially intended for very young minds. Mind you, my daughter was already 10 when she discovered the site and she find it really interesting and informative as well. The songs and the jingles are entertaining and fun. When she showed it to me... I was amazed at how they can turn a boring subject to a completely and utterly pleasurable one! I enjoyed listening to the way they explain and animate their description of each lesson.

Attached video is the lesson in interjection. Interjections has never been so clear to me until now!!! LOL

I need to see more of these lessons in schoolhouse rock!


JTEducate 2 Elevate said...

The video can be utilized not only as motivation to introduce a new concept but also as 'the lesson proper' in interjection. It can surely make the lesson very interesting. The correct usage and brief explanation are easy to remember. The integration of music is a plus because the usual parroting is elevated by catchy rhymes. All the teacher has to do after presenting the video [that is, if she has the means to present it straight from Youtube] is facilitate a class interaction, provide meaningful exercises, evaluate and measure the knowledge acquired and finally, give an assignment.

EM said...

Thank you!

I assume that you are a teacher to be able to be able to come up with those recommendations. They all make sense. I strongly believe that making the lesson fun is always an advantage.

I have just one question. When do you evaluate what is learned? After the assignment?

JTEducate 2 Elevate said...

Right after giving meaningful exercises, before the assignment. Formative evaluation can be given in a lot of ways but the most practical is the written evaluation. It is usually a short quiz.

Summative and periodic evaluation are longer and cover not just one but many skills.