Friday, March 21, 2008

St. Michael Catholic Cathedral

We went to this church for Good Friday, 3pm mass. It was full of people to the extent that the church, as big as it is, is overflowing. People are already standing outside the courtyard. And it is a cold day that standing outside for an hour will give you frost bites. It was really hard for the aged and children to stay outside so they have to wriggle their way in or find another church.

More information about this church can be found in :'s_Cathedral,_Toronto


Anonymous said...

So while we're having the beginning of a hot summer, you're experiencing winter without end. But people really didn't mind the weather if they could find a "comfortable" place in any church. On that day, what really matter was to commune with those who believe that the pain and anguish of our Lord is what saved us.

EM said...

Hello Juleste,

If you are inside the church, the weather will not matter at all for the temperature inside is well controlled. Outside however is not the place for the very young and the aged.

You are right, what really matter on that day is to be able to gather and remember that the Lord Jesus Christ has suffered for us.