Monday, March 3, 2008

Greetings from the Sun Goddess

She has the sun on the palm of her hand,
The sea, the breeze, and all the elements in her command.
The furtive nymph that walks the pearly white sand
Immersed in her thoughts… pure and grand.

A friend of mine went to Boracay Island and sent me lots and lots of pictures. Although it emphasized my longing of the place, it also uplifted the winter gloom that drapes my days. Among the many pictures, above picture is my favorite. My friend, has the sun in the palm of her hand. Very symbolic and I could imagine her having that power.... to hold the sun and be one with it. Her element is the sun and they are so beautiful together. She can light up every gloomy space... anytime, anywhere. I will call her my Sun Goddess....

Can't be together -
Wish we could,
To hug you now would feel so good!
Thanks for the greetings
that crossed the miles
for the warmth of the tropics
was felt here in the land of cold and ice.


MoonBeam2008 said...

The sunset shot was a classic Kodak moment. The one who took it surely knew how to capture special moments like the one depicted in the picture. Your friend’s image with the sun on her palm seemed perfect. You described her vividly and I guess she must be thrilled to be called your Sun Goddess.

In Japanese mythology, Amaterasu is the Shinto sun goddess. “She was so bright and radiant that her parents sent her up the Celestial Ladder to heaven, where she has ruled ever since.” The way you portrayed your friend gave me a hint that she and Amaterasu have a thing in common.

Tropical sunset, white sandy beach vis-à-vis blizzard and snow. The weather appears to complement each other. The distance between the two of you seems to make you closer. Am I right to speculate that this friendship of yours is something out of the ordinary? I guess the two of you are rather fortunate to have that special bonding.

Very nice blog, EM. Keep it up. Have a nice day.

EM said...

Thank you Moonbeam2008! That was a very nice comment that it is almost a write up by itself.

I'm sure she is thrilled because she has said so and i'm glad she liked it.

Well, she is a teacher and in a way very much like Amaterasu, she is bright and radiant. Her students can attest to that.

Friendship bonds people in ways and means that are sometimes extraordinary. Neither time and space can hinder.

Thanks for dropping by and you have a nice day too!