Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eaton Mall

It was family day anyway. It's a holiday but commercial companies have options to be open for business. Usually Holidays here in Canada mandates that all work be closed. This means all malls, all restaurants and all services (except heat, water, electricity and TTC) be suspended. It's not so bad but it restricts people to just stay home. The family day holiday allows some businesses to be open. Malls were all open and restaurants were all open. Most of the game parks are open too. This allows families to have more options on how they will spend their time together.

Eaton Mall is I guess one of the biggest mall in Toronto. It is located in downtown Toronto and is connected to the famous labyrinth called Path. Today being family day, the mall is packed of people. The streets were empty because they are all in the mall. It so happen that we were among these people.

I should say that comparing this mall to what we have back home... it is completely uncomaparable. We have far more bigger and gorgeous malls. I still long for my frequent strolls in SM Malls and I still look forward to the time that I can again walk the grounds of my favorite malls.

This is the bridge linking two commercial building. The Bay Hudson Co. Mall and the Eaton Mall is connected by this enclosed and heated bridge.


JTE said...

When you visit RP again, go to SM-Mall of Asia in Pasay City. I bet you'll be amazed. Its the crown jewel of the SM chain of stores.

EM said...

Oh, I have no daoubts JTE!!! I haven't seen it but i know i will be amazed. Can't wait to see it for myself. Another thing to add to the "To Do List".