Thursday, February 28, 2008

Balls of Light

The magic behind the display of light. I have no idea about the name of these balls. So I sort of invented the the title Ball of Light. These balls were one of the toys my daughter has brought home from her weekend getaway with her best friend. They spend two days and a night at great Wolf Lodge. It's a huge indoor water park. It's quite ordinary as it is but it becomes sensational once it bounces on the floor.

These balls displays bright blinking lights when bounced on the floor. They will continue to flicker for a minute and they willl stop until it gets another bounce.

I thought it would be good to capture the lights just on it's own. I turned off the light and took some pictures of the lighted balls on different backgrounds.

Such magic!


JTE in Boracay, Philippines said...

Do the balls have batteries? Do they have microchips? What make things magical is the mystery behind it.

When I was a kid I used to think there's magic behind the rainbow... "all of us under its spell, we know that its probably magic..." but my education taught me that its not magic but a mere scientific manifestation of nature's wonder. Well, its still magic to me.

May the balls of light bring you magic that never cease.

EM said...


I would be very positive that the ball is electronic in nature. There would be batteries and some LEDs. Electonics has brought forth marvelous wonders.

True! science may have explained everything but science itself is magic. Before science, the definition of magic is "unexplained", "supernatural" but after science, magic has taken a different is now "delightful", "thrilling", "wonderful"...
Our mere existence is magic.