Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Day and Down Town Toronto (Part 1)

It’s a new Holiday for Canada and they’ve called it Family Day. No school, no work at least for those not in the retail service. Unlike other holidays, most of the Restaurants and malls are open today. Family can go to places and really enjoy being together.

We chose to go and visit downtown Toronto. There is a restaurant that I’ve been dying to go back to and maybe this is the lucky day.

Downtown Toronto is a very busy place. With the hustle and bustle of commercialism it is the center of activity. Most commercial and financial buildings are there. With it are buildings of old, full of history and of time past. Hospitals and Universities can also be found in down town. You can imagine how the traffic is like during rush hours!! It’s chaos! It’s a good thing we don’t live and work in downtown. That is why it is still pleasurable for us to visit and take a feel of the place.

Parking is hard in downtown … it’s either there no vacancy or it’s too expensive. So the next best thing is to take the subway.

We needed to go to Union Station because the restaurant is near that station.

Here comes the train. DWA stands for Designated Waiting Area. It is priimarily used for late commuters. The area has a surveillance camera so it is better to saty there while waiting for the train just in case you get mugged or something. Doesn't it remind me of LRT back home just that this ones underground.

There's not much people. Remember it's a holiday. The train is seldom this empty during regular days.

Let's pause... next stop is BCE Place...the place to be!


JTE said...

Please censor this.. hehehe

Ems, do we get to see some Canadian hunks somewhere in your narrative? I expect them wearing winter clothes but some good things are better left to one's imagination. :-)

EM said...

LOL JTE! I was rather concentrating on the sceneries than people. I am still an amateur photographer and still wary about taking pictures of strangers without permission. If my shots happen to catch's unintentional. Let's see by summer, eh?