Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who needs a cooler in winter??

Really…outside is an enormous freezer! It has some uses though. If I want to cool my newly cooked chicken broth as quickly as possible, I’ll simply bring the whole casserole outside. In half an hour I can skim off all the frozen fat on top. How convenient is that?

The attached picture shows another use of the snow outside. It is perfect for chilling all the drinks! It was my nephew’s birthday yesterday and the need to chill a big amount of drinks was necessary. When it comes to massive chilling without overloading the fridge is to simply throw them all out in the snow!

Just make sure the squirrels won't be having their own merrymaking at the same time! That is why buddy the dog is there! He will make sure that the squirrels and the chipmunks will be at bay.
I wonder how the chipmunks would bribe buddy for a couple of Coronas??? I probably would give in if they sing and rap "Lonely" by AKON. Geesh.. if that happens, they might as well join the paty! LOL


JTE said...

Is there a SanMig Light among the beverages? :-)

EM said...

There is none JTE. I'm afraid San Mig (light or regular) is not among the drinks. I would not bother anyway...I had my eyes on the Corona or the wine. The wine was burried alot deeper that it was not discernible from the picture.