Thursday, February 21, 2008

Brookfield Place and Richtree Market Restaurant

Brookfield Place (formerly BCE Place)[1] is an office complex in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, comprising the 2.1 hectare (5.2 acre) block bounded by Yonge Street to the east, Wellington Street West to the north, Bay Street to the west, and Front Street to the south. The complex contains 242,000 square metres (2,604,866 sq ft) of office space, and consists of two towers, the Bay Wellington Tower and the TD Canada Trust Tower, linked by the six-storey Allen Lambert Galleria.

This structure is what they call the 6 storey Allen Lambert Galleria. It links two towers. The Wellington Tower at the right and the TD Canada Trust Tower on the left. Underground are more food courts and commercial areas. The light on the floor is not a reflection but a glass transmitting the light underneath. The achitectural design of the arcs is simply amazing.

This is a shot from the other end. The restaurant is located here. There was a line of people wating to be seated when we got there.

The restaurant is called "RichTree Market restaurant". It is almost similar to "Street Life" in Makati back home. That is probably why I like it. The setting is set up like a market. Unfortunately, no picture taking is allowed inside the restaurant. At the entrance, each guest is given a card (with magnetic strip) to be used to buy anything in the market. My kids instantly liked the idea! It's like handing them an unlimited credit card! We were ushered to our table and after that we are free to go visit the market to get our food. There were pizza stall, grilled meat stall, seafood stall, pasta stall, beverage and dessert stalls. The daughter went to the seafood grill and ordered grilled salmon with fried rice. The son went to the meat stall...chose a nice steak and had it grilled medium rare! and on to the potato stall for some gratin potatoes. Me? i went to the pizzaria and ordered a gourmet pizza. The next thing we like here is the dessert! There is a huge huge's practically dessert heaven! The daughter who finished first stood up and grabbed her card and disappeared. When she showed up, she was holding a huge banana crepe with chocolate syrup. I am too full to have dessert so I opted for a cup of coffee with a slice of cheesecake for takeout. I will not miss out on the dessert.

Hmmm.... the difference from Street Life is....there is no Band playing. It's all eating and talking. Well, close enough!


JTE said...

Interesting places!! Be sure to take me there when I drop by Toronto, Em!

EM said...

most definitely JTE!! It would be my pleasur! We can go explore the whole down town Toronto and much more!