Monday, March 31, 2008

A lesson on how to eat flat tops....

I was in a Pilipino Store when my eyes were caught by a package of chocolates which name’s reminds me of youthful times. I was so addicted to this chocolate when I was a kid. I remember how expensive it is and I can only buy one at a time. I would then hide from my brother because once he sees me; my flat tops will be reduced to half. There in some corner hidden from the eyes of predators, I would lovingly eat my one piece of flat top one small bite at a time. Savoring the sensation only chocolate can provide. Thinking about it today makes me smile.

So I bought a bag of Flat Tops (approximately 30 pcs) for $2.00. Not exactly the same as Cadbury, Lindth, Ferrero Rocher but it brings back priceless memories. I then commenced my travel to the memory lane one small bite at a time….

After I finished one…I reached for another only to find out it’s all gone!

“Why do you eat so slow Mom?”. I’m speechless staring at my son’s bulging cheeks and munching on something gooey and sweet.


juleste said...

Flat Tops also come in boxes minus the usual plastic and silver wrappers but the ones popularly sold here are those that you described. One peso and twenty five cents each piece in a sari-sari store.

The candies of my youth were Tira-tira, Mr. Cinco and Choc*Nut. I don't see the first two anymore but Choc*Nut is still around and considered as one of the icons in Pinoy culture. Check this out

Next time you see packs of Flat Tops again, you better get two!

EM said...

Hmmm...the cost here when calculated is doubled. I like Chock*nut too!!! Thanks for the link, i enjoyed it!

Yes, I probably stash away half of it or I'll probably find a hidden corner again...hehe

Senor Enrique said...

Lol ... cute!

My favorite local sweet is ChocNut :)

EM said...

hi Senior E!

Thanks for dropping by..

I guess Choc nut is the most popular of the local chocolates we have. But back then I could buy 3 pcs at a time.

Have a good day!

juleste said...

I wonder if Senor Enrique is referring not just to the blog post but to the blogger as well. :-)

EM said...

Hi Juleste..

I'm pretty sure its all about the chocolate... ;)