Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Winter Friend.. .I Bid you farewell

I’m feeling giddy looking at how thin the snow is on the ground. The mounds of snow piled up by snow trucks are also getting smaller. Remnants of winter soon to pass. It was quite a long winter and if I’m to start saying goodbye to it…it might change it’s mind. But I’m really excited that it’s finally going. It’s not that I hate it… I just needed a change of scenery. Long have been the days of thick and heavy coats, of boots and mittens, of hats and scarves. Long has been the passage of gray dreary days and long cold nights. I am ready for bright days, colorful plants and warm breeze. Ready to wear my sunglasses and my skin to tan. Ready to smell the flowers and listen to the birds and the bees. The prospect of things to do!!

I bid you goodbye my winter friend
It’s been a pleasure to spend time with you
Thank you for making our Christmas white
Thank you for the snowflakes, the snowball fights
For letting me wear my favorite boots
my warm scarf and my wooly mittens
I bid you farewell until we see each other again.

Don’t worry about me
For my friend Spring will keep me company
She’s arriving soon you can see
Bringing rain, flowers and a swarm of bees
Rainbows and butterflies, magnificent and free,
Sunny bright skies, soft grass and warm breeze
Oh! We shall have good times, adventures and glee.

I'll tell you all about it next time you visit me.


JTE said...

I wish I can welcome a bit winter chill here. Just a bit. To cool down the average 34 to 36 degrees Celcius tropical summer that we are experiencing here.

Every day is a beach weather except the beach is nowhere in sight.

May your springtime bring great and meaningful adventures.

EM said...

If only i can send it though email or even through snail mail! There are so much here that we are practically pushing them away! We could very much use some of your beach weather!

Oh!! I'm pretty sure it will already! Thank you for the warm wishes!

Make sure you have your sunburn protection!

BooKikay said...

I like the poem. Its like looking in a canvas with two little girls, I assume your Winter friend is a girl, saying goodbye to each other after a good time without touching the unconvenient moments that they've shared.

Summer is a 'He' and expected to bring lots of fun. I wonder what Autumn is gonna be and what metaphor it brings. I guess only you can tell me.

EM said...

Hi Bookikay!

You have avery good imagination and you are right. Winter is like a female friend and I would say that spring is also a female friend. Summer is definitely a He! Hot and Sexy! lol...Autumn would also be a male friend..with a more subdued personality but still cool and hip.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful idea!