Monday, April 14, 2008

Huli man daw at magaling....

....... Naihahabol din!

It was two days late but it does not matter! Specially if it comes from a dear friend. It's a singing card to the tune of Perfect Day. It's blaring and unrelentless... totally embarassing but cute!!! With the card came another card.. it's a card back to back. So I got a double wish! Not just that, I also got two more keepsakes.. two beautiful Maarte bookmarks. Just what I need to get my reading upto speed again. There are more light during the day now so I can read while waiting for the bus, while in the bus just perfect timing!

I usually celebrate my birthday with just my immediate family so it is very rare that I get more than two gifts. What made this last birthday different? Nothing... just that this time, the day fell on a Saturday and it just so happen that I have extra money to set up a small dinner with relatives. So I got a few more gifts this year. All of them I really love. I got a wooden salad bowl from my cousin, 2 blouses from my Aunt, a set of towel and toiletries from another aunt, an awsome huge red bag from another aunt, a small guess black bag from another cousin, 2 recipe books (just what i need for more cooking) from another cousin and a set of perfume. It's not the gifts that matters... it's the celebration and the presence that is more important. I've learned that although it is a bit exhausting preparing and hosting, it felt better knowing there are more people who are happy that I am here on Earth. And for those dear ones that was not able to come and was thoughtful enough to greet me... I thank with all my heart.

I am determined from hereforth to celebrate my birthdays more than ever. Alot of people tend to celebrate less because they want to hold on to a certain age ( I should know coz I tried it ) but I found out that as I get another year of life, the more I have the reason to celebrate and be thankful. It's good to be alive and kicking and if I have lasted yet another year, it deserves a celebration indeed.


Jules said...

The birthday boat arrived and departed with good memories and goodwill. Birthdays are always celebration of life's journeys and its endless possibilities. Wishing you another meaningful birthday 353 days from now :)

EM said...

Thank you very much!! There's nothing more sweeter than good wishes!

Maybe ... just maybe next year will be good memories of going home... meeting people who are close to my heart??

Jules said...

Today I'm feeling fairy, so your wish is granted!