Friday, April 4, 2008

A School Night's Affair

Busy preparing themselves for a concert entitles "A Happy Day". It is a collection of songs from three very good musicals namely : Godspell, Sister Act and Jesus Christ Superstar. This video was taken at the lobby of their school and the concert is in the gym. I will have another post on the concert itself.

See how excited the kids are. It's their second night performing. I am thrilled too because this kind of program only happens once a year and it's so nice to see how talented the children are.

Great work guys!


JTE said...

Do I see a stage mom in the making? :-)

EM said...

I'm afraid so. My daughter is very much into this kind of thing. She was saying she could very well be a soloist next year. I was flabbergasted... i'm the one who is so nervous for her.

Did you know that most of the soloist in this concert are filipino kids? Oh, they are all so talented.

JTE said...

I'm sure you are very proud of her! The stage mom should relax and enjoy the show!