Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday Cooking Marathon

They say Mondays are manic. In a way they are but yesterday, which is a Monday, the true manifestation of being manic has touched me. Work was an endless frenzy as usual but I have to cut it short around 3 pm for a much needed Doctors appointment. It was sooo nice to go out when the sun is at its brightest! Seldom do I get to do this because I always stay late at work. Although it was nice to have a leisurely walk under the sun, it was not the case for me for I was running late for my appointment. My doctors appointment is totally uneventful! Hehe…am I expecting excitement from a doctors appointment??? LOL! Anyway, the appointment has led me to another appointment…the much dreaded annual check up! Manic!

Then I got home earlier than usual so with extra time in my hand, I found myself breezing away in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s like I’m in a trance when I’m in the kitchen. I’m oblivious to what is happening, mind flying to distant places and when I came back…. Three dishes are in front of me. How I did it? I dunno…I just past some time…maybe the elves did it..hehe

The first dish is chicken curry which my brain told me is for dinner. The next one is chicken and sugar snap peas stir fry with oyster sauce, which is probably for the kids school lunch next day and for no reason at all Bihon-canton noodles! Hmmm…I guess two of my friend at work will have a generous lunch tomorrow. They just love my pansit!

Manic Monday in my Kitchen!


Jules said...

Yummy! How do you spread the cooking virus halfway around the globe especially to someone who is clueless in the kitchen except for fried egg? :-)

EM said...

The right inspiration... or in my might want some elves to help you out! hehe

Cooking is so natural to me that it just comes out without me realizing it.

You are probably good in eating which is perfect to pair with a cook like me!

Jules said...

Eating and washing the dishes!