Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring Frenzy

Spring reminds me of Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movie. It’s that time of the year that plants and trees awaken to the warm touch of the sun. Sprouts abound everywhere, like there is some kind of competition or a mad rush to be first to greet and embrace the sky. The synergy coming from the plants is so overwhelming that I can feel it in my flesh when I walk along the road. It feels like they are murmuring, singing … glad to see each other again. It always make my inside swell with warmth and brings a smile on my lips. In my mind I am also talking to them (hehe…I can’t be caught talking to plants…well, not just yet). Telling how nice to see them again after a long winter and that hopefully they will make everything green and colorful. I can’t help it! I talk a lot to my Buddy and we always had good conversations. One day I will have my own small garden and I will spend frenzied spring days and lazy summer days talking to my plants.

As a matter of fact, the bush beside my window at work had some of her buds peeking on me this morning!!! Hehe. Peeking and smiling saying good morning! The sun is up and we’re here to play and sing. They are so cute; I just have to take some pictures! Since I’m in the other side of the glass, the picture is a bit blurred but just the same, they are sooo adorable!

Awww… I just love spring! The flurry of life rushing, quickening, contagious, bursting, overflowing!


jules said...

As the wonder of spring unfolds, we are reminded of nature's way of reassuring us that a cycle is constantly moving even if we sometimes think that we are stuck in one vicious kind of season.

EM said...

The world was created to constantly subject us to change which made the human race strong and resilient.