Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lost and Found...

I found this stuck in the deepest recess of my filing cabinet. It's my report card during my third year in high school. Looking at it made me smile... grin perhaps. :) I was such a nerd then! But I love every bit of being a nerd though. It was tough studying and competing with my classmates all through out the last two years of high school but being on top of things has it's rewards. One of them is having my rewards from my parents every grading period. They are not big but it's better than nothing.

I searched more if I can find my report card in the fourth year but no luck! Well, maybe when I'm not looking for it, it will just pop out of nowhere.

I will have to keep this. When my son finishes his grade 9 (equivalent to our third year high school back home), we'll compare grades! That would be soon! Very soon!


Jules said...

Impressive grades!! You must have excellent teachers :-)

EM said...

Teachers handling top classes were always excellent and terror at times! They were always pushing us to go further and reach for more. But when we do deliver, the rewards were also great!

I miss studying... formal in the class studying. Accomplishing things in special ways have always appealed to me.