Friday, December 19, 2008

Aftermath of a day of non stop snowing

It started with a snow storm warning. It came around 8am, flurries that turned to heavy snow pushed by strong winds. I was already at work and I have witnessed the torment of the snow as it lashes everything on it's path. It didn't stop one bit, kept pouring, kept swooshing all through the day. I was dreading the time to come home. By 2 pm, the snow is at 13cm and it's still howling outside. If only I brought my camera to work I would have taken some pics while the storm is at it's peak. The storm caused so much snow to gurantee a white Christmas! :) and it's not even officially winter yet.
When our dog buddy went for a walk tonight. I decided to take some pics.

This is Buddy's paradise. He just love snow.

Somehow the snow and the wind has created such dramatic formations as shown in the above picture.

A branch that has succumbed to the bitter sweet love of nature. It looks like it's lying on a bed of crystals. But then it's probably is.

A foot on the snow. I'm the first to step on that area...hehe

Flurries are still falling. I was able to catch one on the LCD of my camera and it showed it's pretty patterns. One of these winters, I will be able to take a picture of a snowflake with it's intricate patterns. That's a dream...

This shot has no flash. I wanted to catch the sparkle of the ice against natural night light. They are so pretty.

This is with flash. Not much sparkle but the color is more appreciated.

Who says you can only do that on the sand?


juleste said...

looks like you'll be in for a white Christmas.

here in pasay city, one amusement park offers a winter escapade and i just saw it on TV. they use three compressors 24/7 to keep the temperature below zero.

i'm sure nothing beats the snow falling at your side of the world.

Share my point of view... said...

Lovely snow! I wish we have snows in Asia but it's not meant to be. XD

I'm sure Odie will enjoy talking a walk, he has a thick fur so he always want to be in an air-conditioned room.

the donG said...

i wish ill be able to experience it as well. people from the tropical countries are excited to experience it while people there wish they'll be in tropical countries. hehehe...

i like the shot with your foot as it looks like you were armstrong. the last message is sweet!

EM said...

Indeed Juleste! Somehow the snow takes christmas to another level. It brightens the cold season and make it merrier.

wow. have you been to that winter escapade?

Oh! too much of anything can be so tiring..hehe. 6 months of snowing and freezing temperature can wear out even the most patient creature.

EM said...

I don't know Share. But dogs seemed to enjoy the snow immensely. buddy has a coat when he goes out in the snow, it hels him stay warm. He also had boots to protect his paws from the salt that was scattered along walkways. He loves rolling over the snow and ice to the extent of rolling over nasty things... *yuck*.

EM said...

Oh you will Dong! Dream it nd it will come true. And yes, i know i needed to be there where you are and be warm and sweaty...hehe. if only we can quickly exchange location in a finger snap. You're more than welcome to be in my place here in this side of the world. and i'll be travelling the beautiful islands of my motherland.... hay!