Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reyna de las Flores (Queen of Flowers)

Flores de Mayo is a Catholic festival held in the Philippines in the month of May. It lasts for a month, and is held in honor of the Virgin Mary. The Santa Cruzan is a parade held on the last day of Flores de Mayo in honor of Reyna Elena (Queen Helena).

Flores, from the Spanish word for "flowers," also known as Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May), Flores de Maria (flowers of Mary) or alay (offering), may refer to the whole Flower Festival celebrated in the month of May in honor of the Virgin Mary .

This is my entry to the Santa Cruzan ... and I call her Reyna de las Flores or Queen of Flowers.

She is supposed to carry a boquet of flowers but since she doesn't have hands, her gown was adorned by roses.

Reyna de las Flores celebrates her love of the sun through the beauty of the flowers.

This concludes the parade of Queens. Please enter your vote as who is the Queen of Queens. Who in your own personal opinion should lead this parade as the best dressed queen.
thanks in advance for your vote.


juleste said...

i can see the freshness that she exudes.

may deadline ba ang judging? what about criteria? at may token ba for judges after the announcement of winners? haha

the donG said...

ah so this is my first time to be a judge-kunwari. hehehe... i go for queen arwen.

Share my point of view... said...

I nominate Queen Helena. Her gown is by far the best between the other dolls. The red silk and laces added even more elegance to the overall exquisite gown! ;) Whoever did this deserve a round of applause. :)

I'm rallying for Queen Helena! Woohoo!!!