Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Queen Helena of Constantinople

Saint Helena (Latin: Flavia Iulia Helena Augusta) also known as Saint Helen, Helena Augusta or Helena of Constantinople (c. 250 – c. 330) was the consort of Emperor Constantius Chlorus, and the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great. She is traditionally credited with the finding of the relics of the True Cross. ------ Wikipedia

Wow! Finding the relics of the true Cross is probably the best thing that could happen to anyone. It's practically in the same league as the holy Grail, the holy shroud and Veronica's veil. I can't imagine how it will feel to be that close to the One.

But for now since we can't be any closer to these most sought relics...we'll content ourselves to Queens Helena's gown :)

Red silk and laces is our gown of the night.

The white flowers has created contrast to the whole ensemble.

Simple and contemporary, the pearls outlining the edges of the sweetheart neckline and the body has created a sense of elegance and grace.


Anonymous said...

Our very own Santacruzan is rooted from Queen Helena's quest for the Cross.

What a nice gown! P'wede bang pagawa ng ganyan kay madir for our Valentine Ball this coming February??

EM said...

That's right Juleste. I just remembered when i'm starting to google Reyna Elena. So foolish of me not to notice the connection. I have one more last doll and i'll name her after one of the reynas in our santacruzan. madir ba o sayo?? Babagay sa yo ito, i'm very sure! :)

Share my point of view... said...

I've been rather busy for the past few days and I know I would not be disappointed by the last 2 queens! ;)

Also, it's great to know that this is a family activity. It's very lovely of your mother to participate in the Parade of Queens!

I apologize in advance for my limited knowledge...but the only queen I know is...Queen Elizabeth. *cough*

"She is traditionally credited with the finding of the relics of the True Cross."

Wow, as you said is a priceless find!

She's beautiful. Red is my actual favourite colour but they do not look good on me so most of the times, I'll just go with blue/black. However Queen Helena looks marvelous in the red gown. Now that's something I can wear. [just kiddin!]
10/10 Perfect!

EM said...

Thanks Share! Thanks for following the parade of Queens. and for patiently pouring in comments and scores. Yes, without mum (and also my daughter), this endeavor would not have been possible. '

No need to apologize, really. My knowledge are only supplemented by google in the most part. Thank goodness for the www.

wow! perfect 10! You know what? my favorite color is red too! and my next favorite is black. that's another wow for coincidence. Maybe we were related from another time era...hehe.

Share my point of view... said...

em, perhaps we were. ;)