Saturday, January 3, 2009

From my family to you... A new years greeting of hope, faith and love!

The past celebrations have drained me out totally. It all started on the 24thof December where I have to cook three dishes for the potluck noche Buena we had and the fact that we stayed up all night celebrating. Mass on Christmas Day and attended to visitors. On the 26th, we have to prepare for my daughters sleepover party on the 27th. 27th and 28th was all about six girls staying for dinner, not sleeping through the night, breakfast and lunch. 29th I worked. On the 30th, I spent 5 hours at work and then started preparing for the New years eve and Louise’s birthday party that I will be hosting at home. Preparing means I still have to do groceries and clean up the house. Unlike most parties that my relatives prepare where they have it catered. I usually cook all my dishes. All 10 entries, home cooked. It’s a lot of work but because I love cooking, I am actually willing to go through the back breaking endeavour. It always turns out good anyway. I would start cooking as early as the morning of the 31st and party would start around 5pm. It will last until midnight so I have to make sure everybody was entertained. January 1st was spent sleeping and attending the mass. January 2 was to fulfill a promise to my daughter that we will go to the mall so she can shop ‘till she drop from all the money she has received for Christmas and birthday. January 3 is my turn to spend the whole day in bed.... not that it was planned, if I can still have my way, there’s a pile of laundry waiting for me for a week now. But my body has reached its limit. I need to get some rest or I will not be able to go back to work in one piece...hehe.

Anyway, that’s my typical holiday every year. It’s not for relaxing and resting, it’s more tiring than doing my regular work in the office. But then again, it’s for getting together with love ones and enriching our bonds and catching up on everyone’s lives, looking at how the children has grown and ... oh yeah... one of my cousins has gotten engaged! I should have taken a picture of the engagement ring!! It was announced during our New years celebration! The best thing to look forward to next year is a wedding.

To all of these, my blog has been left behind. I have no decent new year entry on the 1st day of January. I apologize. All I can do right now is to greet everyone a prosperous new year and to do that I will include the whole clan. From my family ... wishing everyone a new year of hope, faith and love to one another!


estan said...

ems, tiring man yung holiday season mo but being with loved ones and sharing in the joys of christmas are more than enough to compensate it. have a wonderful year ahead :)

EM said...

Thanks Estan! In one way, the tiring work has kept me from gaining too much weight during the holidays. ;D

And yes..all through the year we have been busy and have not seen each other for longer than 5 minutes, so it's only during the Holidays that we can sit together and catch up on everything.

thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

ay ang saya! mukhang to the max ang celebration ng buong angkan :-)

kahit napagod ang beauty mo, I'm sure its compensated by the happiness brought by the special events

happy, happy new year em!!

Mentor said...

happy new year from Cebu Philippines. So how do you celebrate new year there.

Here a lot of usok , usok and usok dyud.
can i exchange link with your blog

EM said...

Happy happy new year Juleste!!

You're right. All compensated by the fact that we were all together celebrating! come to think of it, we should actually do this more often. Wag lang palagi sa bahay ko...hehe.

EM said...

hello Mentor!

Happy new year sa inyo sa Cebu! Thanks for visiting and for the wonderful greetings.

Celebrate new year here?? Totally different, we don't have usok and the most we do is eat and wait for the count down on TV. We can also go out to downtown where the countdown is and a cocert is but it will be very very cold. Not as fun as we celebrate the new year there!

exchange link? sure thing!