Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meet Buddy's Cousins

Meet cousin Charlie. My aunts bunso (youngest) hehe. After her two kids went to college, she got this little guy. He belongs to the Shih Tzu breed... so I was told. I'm not so good at telling the breeds apart. For me they are all cute and lovable. Charlie has endless energy and loves to bug Buddy to death. He is only 2 years old and half the size of Buddy. Bought as a pup.

This is cousin Miki. Same age as Charlie and practically the same size. They are both toy dogs that are so used to being carried and cuddled. My cousin bought him when he's just a puppy. When the two small dogs are together, everything is in chaos. Buddy would stay away from the two of them.

This is cousin Joey! He's the oldest of them all and the biggest! He's considered the bouncer and the bully. He likes to bully the small dogs and the medium dogs like Buddy. Do you know how big he is?

Can you see Buddy behind cousin Joey? Poor Buddy! I think cousin Joey is leaning on him! I have been stepped on by Joey and boy does it hurt!!! Buddy is trying to get away from behind cousin Joey. From the looks in his face he was really serious in escaping ... hehe.


the donG said...

hahaha... gustong gusto ko rin kasi mga aso.

kawawa nga si buddy. laki pala ni joey.

Anonymous said...

charlie, miki, joey and buddy in a reunion! sounds exciting! they can surely form a league of their own, not only their relatives, they also look gorgeous haha