Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Typical Urban Winter Scene

Most streets were cleared of snow. Where does the snow go?

Of course! On the the side streets. They all pile up high at the street banks and they will stay there forever until spring comes. The difference with flood is that flood comes and goes. This snow bank will stay there for the whole winter season.

Some snow pile can be as high as the cars. They are minimountains usually seen at a corner of a parking lot. It's one place we will not wish to loose our keys in. Reminds me of the needle in the haystack. Anything can get lost in there.

This is my bus stop. Imagine standing inside that enclosure surrounded by ice. It's like being in the freezer waiting to be picked up and defrosted. The longest time I've waited for bus in a winter storm is 45 minutes. It was sear torture! I was on the verge of crying. I am very well dressed for a snow storm, with my thick coat, furred hood, thick mittens and snow boots and still the longer I stayed there waiting for the bus in the midst of snow pouring like mad is unbearable. I can see kids walking through the snow storm because there was no bus in sight. Kids who did not prepare for a storm, who were wearing thin coats and ordinary shoes. I called home just to make sure my kids were at home safe and warm. I wish these kids would just stay in door and call their parents to come and pick them up.

Do you think it would be nice to sit under that tree?? I guess, if I'm a snow man...hehe


juleste said...

I wonder lonely as a snow... I guess only those who are first time to see and feel snow up close can appreciate its wonder. Hayaan mo, Snowwie, pag nagkita tayo, I'll give you a big hug :-) sabay upo sa bench kasama ang si Frosty Snowman

the donG said...

i cant imagine that happening in the philippines. everyone could be playing even until night time. hehehe...

EM said...

lots of kids enjoy the snow Juleste. If they can have their way, they will stay outside forever. But there are more than meets the eye. It is very inviting and beautiful but like a Rose, it has it's thorns. One must be very careful. Children could only be exposed to the elements for just a period of time or they will unknowingly suffer frost bites. Same with adults. Sometimes it is more preferred to just watch the snow behind a window.

EM said...

Hehe DonG, novelty has its moments. But it always wears off. Like what I replied at Julestes comment, snow can bite you back without any warning. Children are cautioned not to stay out too long... or they will come home with frost bites. Frost bites are nasty things and they heal very slowly.

One day you will experience snow DonG, I can see it in your future! ;)
It's in your blood!